Milk shot: Tips against aching breasts

Some women hardly feel it, others find it very unpleasant – the milk injection. What you can do for pain and tension, you read here.

In the first days after birth, your baby is fed up with the foremilk , the so-called colostrum . The colostrum is a kind of precursor of breast milk, which in turn is formed after about two to five days in your breasts. This process is called milk injection.

Milk shot – That’s how it feels

Your breasts:

  • become much bigger
  • tighten
  • are sensitive to pressure
  • feel hot

Milk injection replaces colostrum with transitional milk, an intermediate stage, before mature breast milk is formed about two weeks after birth.

Does the milk injection hurt?

Some women only find the milk injection unpleasant, some other freshly baked moms suffer more, and some even feel great pain when the milk begins to flow. Many women are then unsure . But the feeling of heat and tension in the breasts is normal. It is caused by the milk production and an increased Lymphflüssigkeits- and blood circulation . The full breasts have nothing to do with the fact that you may have too much milk, but the milk production must first be adjusted to your baby . If you are resting as needed, the amount will regulate soon and your breast will become softer again .

You can do that when your breasts hurt

1. Warm and cool and massage gently

Just before breastfeeding, put a warm, damp washcloth or other warm compress on your chest. This stimulates the milk flow and activates the milk donor reflex more quickly. While breastfeeding, you can gently massage your breast, but be careful: not too strong! After breastfeeding, you then cool your breast to relieve the swelling.

2. Showers and streaking

A warm shower is good and gives relief. You can also try to gently prick some milk.

3. quark wrap

Simply spread a cheesecloth with some cottage cheese and put it on the chest. This not only cools pleasant but also anti-inflammatory .

4. cabbage
Like quark, cabbage also cools and prevents or relieves inflammation . For this you simply cut the stalk from the cabbage leaf, roll it a bit flat and put it on your chest. You can also prepare several sheets and store them in the fridge. Then you always have one ready.

By the way: TK peas are also great for breastfeeding. But please wrap in a cloth, otherwise frostbite may occur.

5. Let yourself be supported

You just got a baby, you have to get to know each other, get used to each other and develop a rhythm of quiet . Both you and your baby need to learn to breastfeed, so please do not put pressure on them if there are some difficulties at the beginning. It is even more important for you to have a midwife or lactation consultant at your side to help you with problems and questions. Also your partner, your family and friends should relieve you as well as possible in this phase.

6. Nursing bra or bustier!

A comfortable, well-fitting nursing bra is worth gold in breastfeeding. The best without a bracket , which can otherwise cause pressure points and in the worst case, even provide for a congestion.

Milk shot: Then please off to the doctor

If all of these tips do not help, you may even develop a fever over 38 ° C, you can also, after consulting with your doctor or midwife, recommend a tranquil painkiller such B. take acetaminophen. In any case, you should then get help from a professional .

You have questions about breastmilk and breastmilk ? All information about this we have put together. If you would like to interact with other mommies on the topics, feel free to visit our BRIGITTE community .

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