Mini Farm Effect: Why your child should grow up with many animals

Should children grow up with animals? Some parents say yes, some no. Researchers, however, agree: even babies should be surrounded by animals – according to study, best of at least five …

Now and then, in recent years, it has been said that children raised with animals have a stronger immune system. A new study from Sweden (University of Gothenburg) has not only proven just that, but also that those children are less likely to suffer from allergies.

And it gets even thicker: According to the scientists, there is even a correlation between the number of animals and the health of the child. Therefore, it is best if children grow up with at least five (!) Animals. Then the so-called mini farm effect comes about.

Mini Farm Effect protects children from allergies

Especially dogs and cats stimulate the immune system of children and protect them against respiratory diseases such as hay fever or asthma. Incidentally, this effect already occurs in newborns.

For the study, two data sets were analyzed, which included studies on a total of 1,278 children. The children came from different regions of Sweden .

The result: In children who grew up with five or more domestic pets in the household, the probability of developing an allergy dropped to zero. For comparison, children who grew up completely without pets have an allergy probability of 49 percent from birth, as the study authors write.

Better emotional and social development

Previous studies, such as one of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences , have already shown that pets not only soothe adults, but also children. In addition, they can strengthen the self-confidence of the individual family members.

At the same time divorce children are less likely to suffer from the separation of parents when they have a pet. A UK study by the University of Liverpool has shown that pets have a positive impact on the emotional and social development of children.

Well then: Dear parents, put your pets! Maybe not necessarily five … but one would be a good start …

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