Momo Challenge: This Internet trend encourages children to commit suicid

It circulates again a challenge on the net, this time, however, a particularly dangerous: The Momo Challenge encourages children to self-injury – and apparently even to suicide. Now the horror creature also appears on Youtube.

Again and again various challenges circulate on the Internet – and most of them can only shake their heads in disbelief. Although here and there pops up a trend (like the I ce Bucket Challenge ), which serves the good cause. But most social media challenges are either stupid or dangerous – and often both. Currently, however, makes a game the round that lifts the hands-on trends to a new level: The so-called Momo Challenge calls for injuring themselves – and should now have led in Argentina, a twelve-year-old in the suicide .

What is the Momo Challenge?

The Momo Challenge spreads via the WhatsApp platform and is apparently aimed specifically at children and adolescents. A creepy, distorted figure with bulging eyes comes in contact with the victims as Momo and sends them brutal and intimidating pictures and videos. In addition, Momo gives the contacted person tasks that, if not followed, threaten her with terrible consequences for her and her surroundings. Bad: In the meantime Momo seems to appear more and more often in children’s videos like “Peppa Wutz” on Youtube.

The tasks range from forwarding the Momo messages (like a chain letter) and the publication of private information about self-injury and overcoming fears to – apparently – to suicide. How they accomplish the tasks, so Momos instruction, is to be documented by those concerned with the mobile phone.

After suicide of a twelve-year-old: Police investigate Momo

According to several media reports, the police of Buenos Aires now investigate the initiator of the Momo Challenge in a particularly serious case: in a suburb of the metropolis, a twelve-year-old girl had hanged herself after spending several weeks in contact with Momo. The teenager had apparently recorded all activities, including the preparation of her suicide with her smartphone.

In Germany, the police have already warned against a acting on WhatsApp Momo account. Although no cases have been known throughout Europe in which victims were asked to self-harming acts or even suicide. But a corresponding chain letter had already appeared in this country.

Whether and when the person behind the Momo account is caught and, above all, what goal it is pursuing with this crime (other than, of course, accessing data and information) is something we can only speculate on. So far, it is only clear where the profile picture of Momo comes from: It is a work of art by the Japanese company Link Factory, which was on display in the “Vanilla Gallery” in Tokyo.

But before we all panic and beat our children’s smartphones out of hand: Especially in Europe, Momo has so far only sporadically reported. We should keep an eye on the net activities of our children anyway. And if you notice a spooky woman with bull’s-eye (or something suspicious), do not hesitate to let the police know.

Video tip: Attention! The Zoom Challenge can cause serious injury

Aua! Die neue Zoom-Challenge kann schwere Verletzungen hervorrufen

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