More than 30 babies have died: Fisher Price recalls baby cradl

US toy manufacturer Mattel recalls the “Rock ‘n Play Sleeper” of its Fisher-Price brand. More than 30 babies are said to have died in the last ten years. The group reacts to complaints from consumer advocates, doctors and families of victims.

At least 32 babies are said to have been killed in the last decade: The US toy manufacturer Mattel recalls 4.7 million baby rockets named “Rock ‘n Play Sleeper” of his brand Fisher-Price. Previously, the US Consumer Protection Commission (CPSC) issued a product warning and increased pressure on Mattel.

Recently, reports were accumulating that infants in the cradle had been fatally injured. They had turned independently from the back to the stomach and were not strapped with the appropriate seat belts.

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Following voices from doctors, casualties and lawyers across the country, the CPSC issued a warning and urged consumers to stop using the cradle if a baby is over three months old or is already able to turn himself. In the best case, they should no longer use the “Sleeper” and contact Fisher-Price for a refund , the agency said in their warning .

The cradle consists of a fabric-covered shell, which is mounted on a boom with swing function and can be imported via various suppliers to Germany.

Also, the American Academy of Paediatricians (AAP) had demanded in early April, the recall of Babywiegen. According to Spiegel Online , its president, Kyle Yasuda, called the furniture “deadly.” Fisher-Price himself, however, believes his product is safe. According to the manufacturer, the rockers were used contrary to the safety warnings and instructions. It was merely a voluntary recall after the warning from the CPSC was given.

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