Most men make this condom mistake – maybe yours too?

Your sweetheart is not a big condom fan? We have an idea why that could be …

Theoretically, condoms are a super great thing: prevent unwanted pregnancies, protect against venereal diseases, cause his penis more smoothly penetrate us, and who is creative, it can even stimulatory use during foreplay (small tip: why are there probably condoms with strawberry flavor. ..?!).

Just stupid that there are quite a few men who do not feel like packing their best piece in rubber. “I feel restricted by this”, “Without skin on skin is no real sex!”, “Why do not you just take the pill?”. What we sometimes get to hear when we are women about the condoms question makes it very hard to doubt that women’s information about contraceptive methods is accessible to all men …

It could be long ago with all the discussions and excuses – because there is a simple trick that can make men sex with rubber much more pleasant.

This all-purpose compound makes the condom more comfortable for him

Sex expert Maureen Miller told Cosmopolitan : “Put a few drops of a water-based lubricant on the inside of the condom before you brush it over.” Men who tried it are thrilled with how much better it feels. “ Lubricant, as we know our friend and helper in all circumstances, is usually on the outside of condoms, but not inside. So it’s understandable that maybe it does not feel so great for him as it does for us.

We do not have to worry about the condom tearing through the device, says Miller. “Condoms are very hard to tear – but of course not impossible, but the most common reason it happens is that the condom was not properly worn.” Before gluing, the tip must first be pulled out, which is intended for the ejaculate. If that does not happen, she can almost suck on the penis and break the condom during ejaculation . Nevertheless: The Gleitgel trick is about one or two drops – not half a tube!

So next time a sex partner asks you why you do not “just take the pill”: you can certainly spare a few drops … 😉

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The trick with the condom is one thing - but did you know that there are many more good reasons to always have lubes in the house ? You will also find out which sex positions are best suited to orgasm and which simple tricks you can use to improve your sex life .

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