Mother falls asleep with her children in the same bed

Her husband just wanted to upload a cute photo of his wife, who is in bed with their children – but promptly this mother earned a real shitstorm of criticism. Click on the video and say yourself: Is that justified?

Many children can not or do not want to sleep in their own little bed and prefer to lie down in their parents’ bed. And that’s normal too – from an evolutionary point of view. For parents have been protecting children from time immemorial.

And many moms feel better when they have their child with them and always know that everything is okay. In addition, mothers who sleep with their children in bed argue: the little ones have a safer, more comfortable sleep, because as soon as they wake up, they see their parents. This lowers the stress level and the child falls asleep quickly. Babies can also be breastfed and calmed faster.

Nevertheless, this image of the young mother lying dormant with her children in her bed has caused excitement and annoyance on the net. In the video you will find out why the users have commented negatively and what the woman says about the allegations – take a look at it now!

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