Mother-in-law: “The worst thing my mother-in-law did to me”

Yes, mothers-in-law are not always easy. Reddit users are now reporting on their worst mother-in-law uh … mother experiences.

Mother-in-law does not have it easy. They are characterized by clichés. Daughters-in-law but also not – because too often confirms said prejudices. You can change the situation only limited something. You choose your partner, but you get the corresponding parents for free. What helps, at least, is knowing that you are not alone with your situation.

At Reddit , people have collected the worst stories about their mothers-in-law. So, at least, they fulfill a purpose at least retrospectively: Because, although many are certainly not funny in the acute situation, they are now definitely smiling because of their absurdity!

She secretly wanted to sabotage the wedding

Oh, wedding planning can break some relationships – even between family members. One woman did not like the influence of her daughter-in-law – instead of a traditional wedding, the couple planned a relaxed celebration. Accordingly, the mother-in-law summoned the rest of the family to clarify her about a changed dress code. So the guests came casual – in jeans and T-shirt – while the couple was very well dressed. The result was: the mother-in-law had only devised the dress code to sabotage the wedding. A wedding guest shared the story on Reddit.

I’m not ready for grandchildren yet …

… said the mother in law just before the wedding to her son’s fiancé. The two married anyway – and hopefully get children when they were ready.

Horrorszenario: Während sich die Mutter vom Kaiserschnitt erholt, plant ihre Schwiegermutter hinter ihrem Rücken etwas Furchtbares

My mother-in-law took my husband's keys to our house and made copies without telling us

Is there anything better than a mother-in-law going in and out when she likes? Yes - and privacy! So the couple exchanged the lock quickly.

Everything was changed. There was the dining table from her house, which we did not want.

As soon as you come back from the honeymoon, the mother-in-law shows her true self. That's what happened to this Reddit user who just wanted to go home after a long journey. But she barely recognized her home. The couple had handed over the keys to the mother-in-law. But besides feeding fish and watering plants, she had decided to rebuild the whole house. Especially nice: even underwear and sex toys were neatly rearranged.

We come to pick up our child and there is a huge rabbit caged with a dwarf rabbit.

You keep hearing about it: A weekend with the grandparents and the children are spoiled. This grandma, however, wanted to make herself especially popular. She bought her granddaughter no sweets, but a rabbit with a cage. "My husband is allergic, my mother-in-law knows that," the Reddit user concludes her particularly beautiful mother-in-law story.

In most cases helps: breathe and relax. Because we know: You should never say these 8 sentences to your mother-in-law - they only make things worse.

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