Mother repents her daughter's nam

A mother has revealed that she no longer likes the name of her three-year-old daughter – for this sad reason.

Choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task, and many parents need weeks or even months to choose a first name for their child. And when you have finally managed to choose THE ONE name, of course, you hope that you will love this name for the rest of your life. Sadly, this mother did not succeed.

In a post in the mothers forum ” mumsnet ” she describes her problem: She called her daughter – as she says, for “sentimental reasons” – Evelyn . Nobody ever called her daughter “Evie” and she had not known in the choice of this name that it was quite common. She had not been in a forum like “Mumsnet” before. Meanwhile, she regrets the name choice for her daughter, because so many others in the forum called this name as “boring” and “terrible”.

The mother writes:

I know people will say I should not worry. But that really makes me sad. I rarely see positive comments on this name, and I regret that I did not call it Eliza.

She did not know how to “love” her daughter’s name again.

Maybe I should not visit this page anymore? But I love to look for inspiration for baby name number 2 here. Are there any others here who feel that way with the name of their child?

Hundreds of people have responded to the sad mother and tried to comfort her. One mother writes: ” For God’s sake – Evelyn is such a beautiful name, my child’s name was also written negatively here when I was pregnant, but recently there was a thread in which he was described as beautiful beautiful name of your daughter.

Another writes: ” Ignore all the negative comments Some people on this site are weird, tactless and just rude, it’s a very nice name and you sound like a very lovely mother.

And another mother writes: ” I think it’s a pretty name, you can not justify it to all people – and you should not have to – you chose that name for your reasons – who cares what other people do think about it?

Whether the mother after all these friendly comments again positive about the name of her daughter thinks, we do not know. But we hope so!

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