Mother's Day poems that come from the heart

You still looking for beautiful Mother’s Day poems? We have compiled the most beautiful lines for you – so that your mom really shines!

Nothing goes as deep as motherly love. Time to give something back to our mom – for example with a mother’s day poem. Give beautiful lines – with these lyrical works of art.

The ten most beautiful Mother’s Day poems

Here we have compiled ten Mother’s Day poems for you – from short but warm, to long and poetic. Which poem do you like best?

My mother

by Friedrich Wilhelm Güll

No bird sits in fluff and moss
so warm in his nest
when I was on my mother’s lap,
on my mother’s arm.
And hurts my head and foot,
all the pain goes by,
Mother gives me a kiss
and pushes me to her heart.

To my mother

by Heinrich Heine

I’m used to carrying my head up high,
My sense is also a bit rigid and tough;
If even the king saw me in the face,
I would not stare.

But, dear mother, frankly I want to say it:
How powerful my proud courage is,
In your blissfully sweet, daring closeness
Seizes me often a humble hesitation.

Is it your mind that secretly conquers me,
Your high spirit, who penetrates everything boldly,
And flashing, vibrating to the skylight?

Torment me remembrance that I perish
So many deeds that sadden your heart?
The beautiful heart that loved me so much?

For Mother’s Day

by Friedrich Morgenroth

Mother’s Day is one of the most beautiful days.
It’s just a few words that I wrote
should each of these flowers say wonderfully:
I thank you so much! I love you!


by Richard Dehmel

And also in the old parents’ house
and still no peace in the evening?
I listen longingly to the noise
the tall poplars outside too.

And gently stop the door,
Mother enters with the lamp;
and all desires sink,
O mother, into your light.

Mother’s Day

Anita Menger

The love of the mother
thrives in the desert,
on dark nights –
on rock.
The love of the child
lies in this bouquet here.
The flowers wither –
Love is yours.

My dear mother you

by Ursula Wölffel, children’s book author

My dear mother you,
I want to give you flowers.
What I want to tell you,
you can already imagine that.

I wish you happiness and happiness,
the sun should laugh at you!
As good as I can and always
I want to give you pleasure.

Because Mother’s Day , that’s true,
they are on all days.
I love you all year,
I wanted to tell you that.

To my mother

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Although no greeting, although no letter from me
As long as you come, do not leave no doubt
Into the heart, as if the tenderness of the son,
I owe you, out of my chest
Escaped. No, as little as the rock,
Who lies deep in the river in front of eternal anchor,
From his place gives way, albeit the tide
With stormy waves soon, with gentle soon
Flow over it and snatch it from the eye,
So little does the tenderness give way for you
From my breast, though life’s electricity
Whipped by the pain soon storming over it,
And soon stroked by the joy of joy
She covers and she does not prevent her
Her head shows the sun and around
Worn back rays and you
At each glance shows how your son adores you.

No bird is sitting …

by Friedrich Güll

No bird is sitting
in fluff and moss
so warm in his nest:
When I was on my mother’s lap,
on my mother’s arm.
And my head hurts my foot,
Does all the pain go by? Give my mother a kiss
and pushes me to her heart.

For Mother’s Day

by Josef Guggenmos

What I hold there, that’s a little bit,
and this little bit goes for a paper,
and in the little paper is something for you.

Dear mother, I wish you a lot of blessings,
a real rain of sheer happiness.

My mother

by Julius Sturm

I do not love anything
like you, my mother,
it would have to be God
be up in the sky.

I love him because he gave you to me
and because he receives me
the best mother
on farther, farther world.

Beautiful souvenir: Mother’s Day poems

No matter if you like Mother’s Day or not – if Mom and Daughter spend the second Sunday in May together, that’s always a win. For both! And of course, when you come to visit, you do not want to be left empty-handed – even though sharing time is the biggest gift you can do anyway! But if you still have a lovingly betextete card in hand and a Mother’s Day cake with you, everything is perfect. Mother’s Day cards can also be made very nice with our poems.

Poems as a Mother’s Day present? Sure, of course!

As a little bit of attention, you may have flowers for your mom – or a Mother’s Day card. And what is in there? Mother’s Day poems or Mother’s Day sayings – of course in beautiful writing. One thing is clear: The mother’s heart opens with the loving lines of a famous poet.

Of course, they are even more pleased when they write their own Mother’s Day poem and say it. It is difficult for you to write and recite your own poem? No problem: These verses are also beautiful in Mother’s Day cards!

Are Mother’s Day poems not old-fashioned?

No, because a poem never goes out of fashion. Whether in old German language or in contemporary style – we do not find Mother’s Day poems old-fashioned, but warmly! If you think otherwise, we have another alternative for you …

Some mothers like it a bit easier

The Mother’s Day poems are too poetic for you? Then just click through our mother’s day sayings. They come a little looser and manage in a few lines to make your mom smile. We do not have Mother’s Day songs on offer, but with our sayings and Mother’s Day poems, you say to your mother in the most beautiful way: I love you!

Incidentally, take a look at our gift finder. There are plenty of tips for Mother’s Day gifts ! We wish you a great Mother’s Day!

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