Motivating yourself: this trick helps!

Motivate yourself? The supreme discipline! We’ll tell you how to kill your inner bastard.

motivate yourself

That with motivation is like parking. Whenever you need them urgently, none is available. Then the inner sloth rules instead and you become the master of procrastination. Or one does not believe in the success of the project and is de-motivated from the outset. How good that you can do something against the inner bastard and negative thoughts. To motivate oneself – that works! We explain with which trick you give yourself a kick in the buttocks. 

Motivate yourself – with the Reward Principle!

You say now: Huh? Reward me? That’s all!? Tjajaaaa, that sounds banal, but think about it. When did you last reward yourself for achieving a goal or subgoal? I’m sure you do not ad hoc. And there lies the dog already buried. Because no matter if it is a professional or a private goal: nothing motivates as much as a reward. A tribute to all the effort you do – you deserve it!

And how should I reward myself?

Very important: Fix the reward before your project – only if you always have it in mind, it motivates you. Pay attention to the following:

  • Be as specific as possible

Instead of “I treat myself to something beautiful” , say about “I treat myself to a wellness massage” or instead of “I’m going away for a weekend” say rather “I drive a weekend to the Baltic Sea” .

  • Reward yourself already for partial goals

Because reaching the big goal often takes a bit longer. Therefore, it is better to concentrate on the small stages. If you reward yourself for small intermediate goals, you will not lose motivation so quickly.

  • Do not be too naughty

Sure, you do not have to treat yourself to a Maldives vacation because you’ve been motivated to go to the supermarket and go shopping. But do not be so stingy with your rewards. Choose something that you are really looking forward to. Something that feels special.

  • Keep your reward

Only think of a reward as motivation, but then not redeem it in the end? Total self-deception and certainly a motivational downer for your next project. So: definitely put into action. And if, for some reason, your wish is unrealizable, choose a similar reward.

Self-motivation? Does not my boss really have to motivate me?

When it comes to assignments in the job, ideally your boss will help you stay motivated. But let’s just do the reality check: Um … he often does not! So the best thing is to motivate yourself! You’ll see – with the Reward Principle, in the future, you’ll be able to tackle your projects and tasks with more drive, focus and achieve your goal!

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