Never feel like a victim again – that's the way you can do it

How can I handle it when something bad happens to me? Am I simply a victim or an influence on the situation? Greta Silver and Doris Brückner discuss this question in a podcast.

Sometimes life is just mean to us. But what do we do when the little or big dramas of everyday life overtake us? Do we want to feel victims of the circumstances, or do we pull ourselves out of the swamp by our own hair?

In her podcast, “Being happy is a decision”, Greta Silver gives the following advice when something bad happens to us: “For me, the first step is to accept it and say: ‘Yes, it happened to me, it is part of my life . “

But how can I change my perspective and actively take things that happen to me? That – and what secret contracts have to do with it -, you will find out now in the podcast!

Here you can listen to the complete podcast episode for free:

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Experience Greta Silver and Doris Brückner live: The two podcasters speak on stage at the big BRIGITTE job symposium on September 26, 2019 in Mainz – more information and registration on our homepage !

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