No carbohydrates in the evening – am I taking that off?

No carbohydrates on the plate in the evening – and then you lose weight. Does that really work? We examine four myths for their truth content.

Myth 1: The fewer carbohydrates, the better you take off
Just no bread for the salad! Saving on carbohydrates (“carbs”) is a trend. Actually, we should half cover our energy needs with bread, potatoes, pasta or rice, recommends the German Nutrition Society (DGE). In fact, women eat only 41 percent. Is this a problem? “No,” says Professor Hans Hauner, “there is no fixed lower limit here.”

Nevertheless, the nutritionist of the Technical University of Munich advises rather to a carbohydrate-rich diet, because otherwise lack of important fiber. In addition, the body gets the energy it needs. “Those who save on carbohydrates often eat more fat automatically.” A barter between carbs and fat without any benefits for figure and health.

Also for ecological reasons, Hauner advises against a diet largely without carbohydrates. To produce one kilogram of meat, seven kilograms of grain must be fed. “If everyone were to eat like this, the earth would be in collapse.”

The truth: Whether low carb (low carbohydrate) or low fat (low fat) – with both you take off equally well.

Myth 2: Eating spaghetti after 3 pm makes you fat
This fairytale haunts through all sorts of diet forums. No one knows exactly where it comes from. It can not be justified scientifically either. The fact is: our metabolism is ticking for an internal clock. And: Many sleep badly if they have eaten too late at night. Which is also true: “After a carbohydrate-rich meal, the insulin level increases, which temporarily inhibits the burning of fat,” said Professor Susanne Klaus of the German Institute for Nutrition in Potsdam-Rehbrücke.

As a result, diet gurus often argue that carbohydrates make you fat in the evening and that you can drive without carbs. “That’s nonsense,” says nutritionist Professor Hans Hauner. “Our body burns all the nutrients around the clock, whether fat, protein or carbohydrates – even while asleep.” If you want to lose weight, you are still well advised not to eat carbohydrates in the evening, or at least only a few – and instead to buy at proteins. That makes you full and fat is burned even better.

The truth: We generally increase when we eat more than we consume and not because the spaghetti is there in the evening and not for lunch.

Myth 3: Pimping on pasta and potatoes is not healthy
Whether we eat many carbs or no carbohydrates in the evening is pretty much unimportant in terms of health. This is the result of the current carbohydrate guideline of the German Nutrition Society, which has evaluated countless studies on this topic. Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes: “There is no correlation between the number of carbohydrates we eat and the risk of these affluent diseases,” concludes Professor Hans Hauner.

Instead of pondering whether we eat too many carbohydrates, we should pay attention to what they are if we want to lose weight. Fruit juice and lemonade? Here is stinginess: The sweet drinks boost the blood sugar level quickly, do not saturate and deliver plenty of calories. You can even increase the risk of diabetes, as studies show.

On the other hand, we should eat vegetables and whole grains more often: straight whole grain provides many complex carbohydrates that the body slowly breaks down, as well as valuable fiber. “They have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, obesity, and colorectal cancer,” said Hauner.

The truth: 75 percent of women in Germany eat too little fiber. That should change urgently. Without carbohydrates, there’s no such thing.

Myth 4: Dear Cheese as Cheesecake with Carbs
The preach the Haysche food combining, car diet or insulin-food. The thesis: Protein should be eaten without carbohydrates, as both cannot be digested together. Fermentation processes would otherwise disrupt the acid-base balance, which is unhealthy and thick. “Completely illogical,” says Susanne Klaus from the German Institute for Nutrition Research.

Suppose that was correct with the digestion, that would be great in terms of diet and slim. We could eat meat with potatoes and would not use half of the calories. But it does not work! Also refuted is the thesis of the disturbed acid-base balance: “In healthy people, the pH may fall due to dietary short-term, but that compensates the body quickly,” said Klaus. Regardless of whether we eat carbs and protein separately or not.

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