No idea? Here you can have a baby name created for $ 350

Anna, Laura or Lena? Or may it be something more extraordinary – for example, Psalm Ye, as Kim Kardashian’s youngest child is called? Finding a name for your child is sometimes not so easy. A start-up helps.

“So you want to call your child !?” or: “I know someone who is so called and never liked him / her!” These are sentences that expectant parents often have to listen to when they announce to friends and family the name of their future offspring. Often they are still unsure – such comments are of little help.

This start-up creates a name

Of course, there are a lot of books that give you inspiration. The Internet also offers a seemingly endless number of possibilities. But if you want to give your child a really individual first name, you can have it created on the page ” Future Perfect “. And for a proud price.

$ 350 for the baby name package

Background of the story: The two mothers Macaire Douglas and Cara Sullivan got to know each other in the playground and found that they both have a fondness for unusual names – the idea for a start-up was born.

The package called “The Work” is to spit out a list of ten first names and ten second names based on a questionnaire within one week. A 15-minute counseling session will be offered. The company promises to contact the customer 24 hours after purchase of the package.

“We are obsessed”

The corporate website states, “We are obsessed, how they sound, what they mean, what they look like and how they fit in with the rest of the family.” Their lists are not like the common name lists that can be found on the Internet. In addition, the founders are a fan of names that are not quite a gender. “Right now we’re going to drive to Oak and Orion ,” they write on their side.

Exclusive gift

Of course, that does not mean that there can not be a 08/15 name in the selection. After all: For the expensive package promises the start-up after the birth of the buyer to send an individualized gift with the chosen baby name. Well, if that’s not an incentive …

Are you still looking for the perfect name? Then try the name generator

Videotipp: baby names inspired by the sun, moon and stars

Babynamen, die von Sonne, Mond & Sternen inspiriert sind

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