Not in the mood for sex? You can do that

Or does your partner no longer seem to crave you like you used to? Either way, we clarify possible causes and countermeasures. 11238506 Happiness, self-confidence, strengthening of partnership and relationship – the positive effects of an active, well-balanced sex life we ​​all know by now (ideally from our own experience!). All the more busy or worried some people, if they suddenly for a long period of time no desire to Sex … or at least less. But is that always a cause for concern? 11222228 In short: No, it is not! For one Libido loss 11514070 and periods of sexual discomfort quite normal (both for men and for women !). So if you or your sweetheart are affected: breathe deeply, stay cool and first go to root cause research – pressure and panic have not brought anyone back to sex (except maybe people with a very special fetish …)


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No desire for sex: no purely female phenomenon 30537 That only women have problems Having libido is primarily a prejudice. Although women are more often affected than men, but not exclusively

For example, if your partner does not feel like having sex, that does not automatically mean that he is having fun with another. However, statistically difficult to grasp Some studies say 30% of women percent of men () Percent of all couples after just five years of relationship from a Libido decline. Of the MiSELF study (*) On average, every tenth woman in Germany is burdened by her sexual listlessness .

3180243 No desire for sex

Something clearer than the dissemination of sexual reluctance are after all their most common causes – because in which most experts agree. Here are six typical triggers of libido loss. 10041. Stress

Sense of romance? Who feels after a hard day's work already desirable and erotic? Just! Stress is the pleasure killer par excellence – and (unfortunately) most people can understand that … 838. 2 Changes

Habits and everyday things quickly fade into the background and suddenly come to short, even sex. It does not always go without saying that the desire returns automatically as soon as the change is no longer new …

third Relationship problems ( In this case the best thing is to talk:

32768. 4 Routine

Always the same program? How boring! You would not continue watching a series if the same thing happens in every episode, right? Why are there so many different 9419 Sex positions (*)

. 5 Hormones

If the libido loss occurs neither cyclically nor temporarily, the hormone status should be medically examined.

. 6 Diseases

Therefore, in case of sexual aversion basically: take it seriously and openly and honestly talk to a doctor about it who does the same.


10715588 No desire for sex: 5 tips on how to stimulate your libido

Basically: But there's no need to do anything about it! and be busy. Sometimes other things are more important that can make us (at least) as happy as regular sexual intercourse. However, if you or your partner have no desire for sex for a very long time and you or your relationship suffers from it, you can and should of course do something. Ideally you will then seek out an expert (sex therapist, doctor, couple counselor …), with whom you work specifically and individually on your topics. Alternatively or in advance, however, you can try it with these five measures … 10091. Relax yourself!

So just let your sweetheart and you have a nice bubble bath on Sunday evening, light some candles and see what happens. Without compulsion and ulterior motives. (Best you should have talked about the problems before, otherwise he might expect a fireworks display and build up unwanted pressure …) 11574680

. 2 The appetite comes while eating … Meanwhile, sometimes you can help her out with the right food. For example 8000 stimulate the libido, besides and Pomegranate 1732584193 So just … uh … or cook! 1007. 3 Move Particularly helpful are sports such as most important is that you do something that you enjoy 1003. 4 Get inspired …

11648212 Porn for women ? Or 1500 erotic stories Yes exactly …

. 5 Herself is the woman

That is, if you are having trouble with your partner for whatever reason, you can counteract the libido loss by satisfying yourself. Once a week, half an hour of Me-Time – it's definitely worth a try!

[c-16] You would like to have more inspiration? We have for you 1016 simple sex tips with great impact clarify which causes 1015 can cause orgasm problems If you want, you can also stay in our 1011 Community and, if necessary, exchange information with others about sex and libido fluctuations. (

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