Oh la la! Thus, according to studies, frequent orgasms affect the skin

That an active sex life can have a positive effect on the mood, we know. But as studies show, it also makes itself felt in our skin …

A fulfilling sex life is good for your health, self-confidence, relationship and mood. And as if that was not enough, we have yet found a reason to live out our desire in good conscience and unrestrained: Frequent orgasms have apparently a positive effect on our skin .

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Three orgasms a week make ten years younger

As Scottish physician David Weeks claims to have discovered, women who have an orgasm at least three times a week on average look about ten years younger than they actually are. Men even 12 years. "I would suggest that celebrities who look very young for their age - for example, Goldie Hawn, Helen Mirren and Joan Collins - have a very active and healthy sex life," the Doc told New York Post .

Weeks had interviewed a total of 3,500 proven young-looking people (letting others estimate their age) about their sex life , noting that they had one thing in common: minimum three times a week! "Sexual desire is a crucial factor in preserving one's youth," Weeks explains. "Sex makes us happy and releases messengers that keep us young."

The anti-aging factors of an orgasm

One of these messengers is called the beauty platform " Hudabeauty ", endorphin. Endorphins , also known as happiness hormones, make us balanced and among other things, contribute to the fact that we sleep well - youthfulness promoter number 1!

Second, in an orgasm, our bodies are increasingly producing growth hormones that benefit cell renewal - youthfulness number 2.

Third, orgasms in women promote estrogen production. Estrogen in turn stimulates the formation of collagen , known to be the skin's best friend , and high levels of estrogen also enhance the natural elasticity and moisture content of our largest organ, resulting in fewer wrinkles.

But that's not all!

Our beloved cuddly hormone oxytocin also contributes to a sustainably fresh complexion by lowering our level of stress - and we all know how stress and wrinkles are connected ...

Last but not least: During and after an orgasm, our body is well supplied with blood and therefore supplied with oxygen , which also stimulates collagen production. Above all, this last effect ensures, so the already mentioned beauty platform, for the so-called "Orgasm Glow", the radiance after an orgasm.

Admittedly , sex alone certainly does not keep young, and those who do not bring it to three orgasms a week will not necessarily age faster. After all, a healthy and fulfilling sex life is just part of a healthy and fulfilling life and everyone can and must even decide for themselves how much sex they need and do them good. But if your sweetheart happens to comment on the size of your anti-aging or beauty products (for example, because they take up too much space or cost money), you now have a really good argument as to why you're in bed now should be allowed to determine more often, where to go ... 😅

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