Öland, Sardinia, Rügen: short trips to the autumn

Are you looking for a short break in autumn? into paradise

Öland, Sardinien, Rügen: Kurztrips in den Herbst Öland, Sardinien, Rügen: Kurztrips in den Herbst Öland, Sardinien, Rügen: Kurztrips in den Herbst Öland, Sardinien, Rügen: Kurztrips in den Herbst © Cornelia Pithart / Fotolia

Actually the way was my goal: 26 kilometers around the Müritz, Germany second largest lake. Through forests, villages, along dunes. The wind has piled up, that's what made my relaxed tour into a sporty one. The anschuzste me times, then blew me head-on face again. Then I made my way and jerked up a cobblestone driveway in search of a cold drink. Found one more than 43 years old manor house with a lot of timber framing, a green embraced terrace and a garden, speckled with benches and loungers. Drank an apple spritzer, blinked into the tree-filtered autumn sun, and thought, Goals are changing.

Corinna Seemann

Stay “Gutshof Woldzegarten”. Regional cuisine, international relaxation, z. Ayurveda from India, Lomi-Lomi from Hawaii, exfoliation with Rügener healing clay. In addition, small swimming pool, horses, wild orchard, much peace. Double / twin 14 Euro (Walower Straße 34, 203 Woldzegarten, www.gutshof-woldzegarten.de ). To the hotel test Gutshof Woldzegarten


Öland: Beautifully scary

Nothing could suddenly turn up Nils Kant. The fog lies in the fall close to the steppe landscape in the south of the Swedish island Öland. Nils Kant is the murderer of a thriller (“Öland” by Johan Theorin), and I only read thrillers here because it's so nice to scare yourself while jogging. And even more beautiful to return to the house for a fireplace and cinnamon buns. Because of its long beaches, Öland is popular in summer, and the royal family also has a residence here. I come when the souvenir shops are already closed and the sun conjures a supernatural light, cycling from windmill to windmill and from Sattelkirche to Sattelkirche. Always goodbye I visit the long Jan and the long Erik, two lighthouses on the tops of the island, surveying my autumn paradise with my eyes, before I close the house and push the shutters forward.

Stay “Guntorps Herrgård”. Beautifully situated on the edge of the capital Borgholm. Sauna, wellness, down to earth cuisine (Guntorpsgatan, SE – 230 Borgholm, Tel. 0 14 / 654 / (*, Öland, Sardinien, Rügen: Kurztrips in den Herbst www.guntorpsherrgard.se ).

Info Kurztrips in den Herbst - Sardinien www.visitsweden.com/sweden

Netherlands: Spa and play

Susanne Arndt
Stay “Hof van Saksen”. Enjoyment program for parents with restaurants, spa, bike rental and golf course (Veldweg (*) – 25, NL – NoThought, Tel . () () / 592 / 24 03 (,

http://de.hofvansaksen.com ).

By train z. B. from Hamburg in just over four hours to Assen (change in Bremen, Leer and Groningen). From there taxi, to the farm there are about ten kilometers.

Sardinia: The big party

Öland, Sardinien, Rügen: Kurztrips in den Herbst

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