Oops! This sex-fail spoils according to study most couples the desire

During sex viiiieeeles can go well – but also a lot wrong. Over which stones in the bed most couples stumble, reveals a new study.

The good news first: Most people in Germany seem to be happy with their sex life. This resulted in at least one study commissioned by ” sexportale-vergleich.de “, a website that – as the name suggests – sex portals compared. 61 percent of the respondents rated their sex life generally as satisfactory (where would the word also fit better than here?), Proud 71 percent do not see any air at their orgasm (in terms of quality).

But what is great about sex, we know ourselves. Much more interesting is: Well, where is it because …?

Sexträume: Davon fantasieren Frauen - laut Studie

These sex failures happen most often

Sure, very few people like to talk about breakdowns and things that go wrong. During the prelude by the way the e-mail for tomorrow preformulated to the colleagues? Must not know the sexual partner ! Insisted on the condom, because it always slips so much better? Nothing to talk about! But what makes it more difficult: If the man does not know how to use the condom properly ! And this breakdown has led in as many as 74 percent of respondents ever times that with one blow the air was out - but unfortunately not from lust moaning .

In second place came a bad name memory: 42 percent of those surveyed have already heard a name in bed (whether in their own voice or that of their sex partner is not specified), of which none of the parties felt addressed. 40 percent had to pause for a calf cramp (by the way helps magnesium, among other things, contained in nuts!) And 39 percent has thrown out of bed - What   in turn speaks for the quality of sexual intercourse ...

For this study, the comparison portal had survey data from statistics expert "statista.com" evaluated for different emphases. More information and all results can be found on the website of the portal .

And if you happen to belong to the 74 percent of those affected: Here we explain step by step how you should cover a condom ...

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