Overcome fear of flying: How do I get the panic under control?

What sounds exciting to others, is the sheer horror for you? Fear of flying can spoil the whole joy of a holiday. We reveal what helps against it!

Three quick tips against fear of flying

  1. Learn how a plane works and how high the safety standards really are – whoever has a lot of knowledge is not afraid.
  2. Counteract the panic with relaxation exercises and abstain from alcohol on board.
  3. Open with the panic: accept your fear and do not try to fight it.

Fear of flying – who is affected?

Tachycardia, sweaty hands, stomach cramps – who fights with fear of flying is not to be envied. About 15 percent of all Germans suffer from the so-called aviophobia (or aviaphobia), even more people feel uncomfortable aboard a plane.

Why are we afraid of flying?

The causes of the panic over the clouds can be manifold. Flying is not an everyday occurrence for most of us – that’s why sounds and movements can be unfamiliar . The question constantly resonates: “Is that all right?”

In addition, loss of control and in some people fear of space play a role: in the plane we share sparse space with many people and are helplessly exposed to the situation until landing.

Behind all this, of course, is the knowledge that flies are “unnatural” to us humans. Aircraft overcome gravity, but we are always aware that a crash is possible and would have devastating consequences. The news of crashes all over the world are always alarming signals to our brains.

The most common triggers for fear of flying are:

  • Be delivered
  • ignorance
  • security concerns
  • loss of control
  • agoraphobia

What helps against the fear of flying?

  • Luckily we are not hopeless at the fear of flying. Many measures help against the panic above the clouds – even pure learning can do wonders: who knows how a plane works and how safely the machines are designed, can already reduce a large part of his anxiety.
  • On board meditation or relaxation exercises help in a panic: breathe calmly and concentrate on the breath! A little trick can help outsmart the brain: take a piece of paper and a pen, write down your name with the “wrong” hand several times: right-handed people write left and vice versa – this distracts the brain from fear (for more Information watch the video above).
  • If you suffer from fear of flying, you can also visit special flight anxiety seminars . Here you learn how airplanes work and why a crash is very unlikely. In addition, you get taught here appropriate relaxation exercises. However, these courses are not cheap – a few hundred euros are incurred if you want to attend such a seminar.

How should I deal with my fear of flying?

In general, fear of flying is nothing to be ashamed of. That’s why you should be open with your situation : Talk to your neighbor and the flight attendants, say how uncomfortable you feel. Only those who know about your fear can handle you gently and distract you.

In addition, you should learn to accept your fear of flying : Do not try to suppress the panic, but perceive it as part of you who is just there. On the other hand, of course, you should not get into the situation – meditation exercises can help you just listen in and find out how you feel.

Hopefully your fear will be gone in the truest sense after landing at the latest – and you can start the next flight a little more relaxed again!

There are even more tips here: overcome fears and 7 mindfulness exercises .

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