Pack your backpack properly: These tips will do it!

You want to go hiking and wonder how to pack your backpack properly? Here you will find tips and tricks for packing!

Pack your backpack: How much weight can I carry?

If you plan to spend a long time backpacking , never pack more than 25 percent of your body weight – or even if you consider yourself well trained. All others bet better on 20 percent. Otherwise you’ll be overloaded – and walking or traveling should not be a nuisance!

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Pack your backpack: preparations

Before you set out on a hike, time is often tight: routes have to be picked out and final preparations made. Just the packing should not degenerate into stress. Make sure you have a packing list in advance, listing equipment, clothing, food and utensils . So you do not forget anything and can tick off easily!

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Load distribution - you have to know that

The packing technique is important because you can pull the weight backwards if you move your weight incorrectly. Therefore, you must pay attention to the body and load center of gravity: The body's center of gravity is in the state at about waist level. The center of gravity describes the location in the backpack, where the main load is packed. If the center of gravity and the center of gravity are farther apart, the leverage is stronger and you consume more energy when carrying. Heavy things should therefore always be worn close to the body!

Tips for correct packing:

General: When packing, take note of when you need the items or clothing, and place them in the appropriate place.

  • Heavy things , such as provisions and tent, you always pack close to the body and in light terrain at the level of the shoulders. This will ensure that the center of gravity of the weight is above the body's center of gravity.
  • Clothes are packed at back height.
  • The lid compartment is suitable for smaller items that you want to access quickly.
  • Make sure the weight of the side pockets is evenly distributed!
  • The bottom compartment is designed for light items : sleeping bags and down gear are best for example.
  • If you want to attach utensils to the outside of the backpack, make sure that they are light and do not create windstorm or obstruction when hiking. In addition, they may need to be protected from rain.

Attention: If the backpack pulls you back, the weight is shifted too low and your shoulders are unnecessarily heavily loaded!

Pack a backpack for the terrain

If you want to climb a mountain or are on more difficult terrain , the center of gravity should be a bit lower and more likely to be on the lower back. This is mainly because your arms need to be used more here. You should therefore be free to move. If the main weight of the backpack is packed too high up, other forces are acting on your upper body and you run the risk of swinging too far!

Create order with packing bags

Packing bags are a good investment to sort out your backpack contents and protect it from rain, if necessary. But do not stuff the bags too much, otherwise you'll get blind spots in your backpack and valuable space will be wasted. There are also different colors to organize your luggage thematically!

Packing is child's play with these tips and the next hiking holiday can come!

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