Painting with children: ideas and suggestions

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Painting with children is not only fun, but also promotes the creativity of the little ones. Ideas and suggestions can be found here!

Stones are an exciting painting ground, as there are bumps and bumps that create a 3D effect. The result becomes a lucky stone or decoration on the windowsill.

Prepare a potato token for your child. Then you can apply some paint with a sponge or a coarse brush and stamp on it. This makes it possible to quickly put many shapes on the paper that can be resized with pens.

With finger paints, it is easy to dab and smudge. Especially the haptic experience makes the finger colors so exciting.

When the weather is fine, true works of art can be created in the yard with chalk paint – there is no lack of space here!

Using the hands and feet as a stamp is fun and is a nice action for several children.

At the hardware store there is a special blackboard paint. You can use it to paint a wall of the nursery, so that your child can create his own wall again and again.

Painting on a large scale is fun and especially with a canvas! Here you can stand upright and keep moving.

Painting with kids: why is that so important?

Kids love to get creative and try something new. Put a felt-tip pen and a piece of paper in their hands and they'll be busy for a while. It's not even about the result, but just the experience itself. Because children sink into painting right here and now without worrying about why they choose this or that color now: they discover colors and their effect in a playful way and the most important thing is that they enjoy it.

By the way, painting also promotes other abilities and skills:

  • coarse and fine motor skills
  • coordination of the hands
  • self-confidence
  • initiative
  • concentration
  • creativity

Painting with children: Preparations

Depending on how old your child is, you should take the place prepare accordingly:

  • Lay large area newspapers or a plastic table cloth as a base

    , so that the floor and table are protected, if something goes wrong.

  • Pull your child one Malkittel
    or old things on.
  • Have a wet washcloth ready to wipe your hands if necessary.
  • The materials for painting should be adjusted to the age
    : There is finger paint, which is already suitable for children from two years.
  • The painting ground should be as large as possible, especially for smaller children: The little ones need space to unfold and paint rather large and little detail. A g piece of rough cardboard, stretcher, or absorbent A3 paper will provide enough space to let off steam.
  • If your child wants to paint with colors from the tube, fill some color directly on an old plate, the mixed palette

Painting with children: Ideas & Tips

  • Show your child how to mix colors

    : Often it is enough if you have the basic colors in the repertoire – the rest can be mixed. Blue and yellow become green, blue and red mix purple and orange you get red and yellow!

  • Show your child how to make simple geometric figures can compose motifs: A house consists of a square with a triangle as a roof, a snowman is composed of circles etc.
  • Put some diluted water color on a piece of paper as a blob. With a straw, the liquid color can now be blown in different directions. Now the blob gets a face painted and the blob monster is ready!
  • Dab, paint, dab , smear … everything is allowed! Especially with the fingertip can make great polka dots.

Painting with children: Nice ideas from Pinterest

We are up Pinterest looked around and found nice ideas to imitate.

To stamp many things can be found – especially in autumn!


From the handprint arise with a little imagination funny animals.

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