Papa Pragmatism: 5 things that fathers do differently than mothers

What is he doing – and how does he do it? Which mom has not ever caught herself watching her husband skeptically wondering in his daddy roll ?! Some things make dads very different from mothers. And that’s just as well!

Adventure? With dad, please!

No sooner do you leave Daddy alone with the child, it gets loud. Together they rave and laugh until one cries, and in the truest sense of the word. While we women often catch ourselves losing ourselves in a hibernation mode – after all, our baby is so tiny and fragile! – Papas often have less fear of contact. True to the motto: Will not break, the child.

Fathers do not forget themselves

Sure: For the own child both parents go to the limits. After all, suddenly the needs of the little worm play a bigger role than their own. But give up for the well-being of the child completely? Does not have to be. Fathers remind us that you also have your own dreams and wishes – and may pursue them. When daddy wants to meet friends for dinner, but does not find a babysitter, he just takes the sprout with him. Provided he is old enough, of course. Above all, it shows us that the child grows up well and happily, if it only runs along, instead of always being in the center of attention.

In daddy mode, they forget everything else

There you have a day without children, come home and enter … the absolute chaos. While mothers live out in education, household and laundry at the same time, fathers all too often show that they are not multitasking heroes. But honestly: father and child then sunk between toys to discover how they fully concentrate on playing, then compensated for the disorder then right back.

Papy hypnotisiert Baby mit einer Hand

Baby talk? Not with dad!

With small, big-eyed beings, women keep fetching themselves as their voice slips an octave higher. The baby language flows from us as if we had never spoken differently - whether we like it or not. On the other hand, fathers are rarely caught with nicknames and low-bloods. Even the voice changes less when they talk to babies. And that also has something good: After all, children sleep to the soothing-deep papa-organ, which reads a lot better a ...

The papa pragmatism

Knees open? Milk tipped over? Toe pushed? Half so wild! Papas often take things as they are and keep going. Then it is briefly doctored, cleaned and pain weggepustet - already can be played on.

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