Parental leave as a father: that's what matters!

Fortunately, taking care of the child is no longer just a woman’s business. We will explain the conditions for a parental leave as a father.

Parental leave as a father: 3 important facts!

  • Fathers can go just like mothers on parental leave
  • Parental leave is a maximum of 36 months
  • During parental leave, fathers receive no salary

Parental leave as a father: 3 important benefits

  • Building a bond with the child: If you are strongly involved as a man in your job, the following scenario quickly occurs: While the mother takes care of the child, the father is already at work in the morning and comes home late in the evening. Then only a few moments together with the child remain with the parents. There is also the danger that fathers can hardly build a deep bond with the child. For this reason alone, it pays off to think about parental leave as a man.
  • Relieve mother and more time as a family: A child not only brings the usual everyday life out of joint, he also puts the relationship to the test. When fathers take parental leave, the woman does not need to pause for so long in her job and avoids stagnating on the career ladder. And just when mother and father take parental leave together, family time can be lived much more intensively. So it is also possible that the woman not only cares about the daily tasks as a mother, but also finds time for herself.
  • Protection against dismissal: During the parental leave the employment contract is suspended and parents can not be terminated during this time. However, it is important that the application is made in the correct time frame. The protection against dismissal reaches the employer eight weeks before the start of parental leave. The application must be submitted to the employer at least seven weeks before parental leave. So, in fact, there is a week in which you can apply for parental leave without the risk of termination.

Parental leave as a father: 2 possible challenges!

  • Finance: During parental leave you will not receive a salary. Especially in a family where the husband is the main earner, the father’s parental leave can lead to financial difficulties, despite parental allowance.
  • Acceptance: Even though fortunately more and more fathers nowadays claim parental leave, less than half still apply for this model. Especially as a male, it can be less well with colleagues or supervisors at work if you want to take care of childcare for a longer period of time. This will hopefully continue to normalize in the coming years.

Parental leave as a father: what are the requirements?

  • Child lives with father in a household
  • Paid employment is available (part-time, full-time, temporary etc.)
  • Child does not have to be the biological child (foster child, nephew, etc.)
  • Take over the education of the child in time
  • Less than 30 working hours per month during parental leave

Parental leave as a father: What time periods can I choose?

From the birth of the child you can take a maximum of 36 months parental leave. The parental leave can be split. 12 months must be taken in the first three years of life of the child. The remaining 24 months, on the other hand, can be applied by the child between the age of three and eight .

Parental leave can also be split between mother and father or taken together. Women get maternity leave up to eight weeks after birth, which is counted towards parental leave . For example, the man can replace the woman after 12 months of parental leave and take over.

Parental leave as a father: salary or parental allowance?

As a father (or mother) in parental leave, you will not receive any salary . The employment relationship is not considered completed during this time, but is put on ice, so to speak. After parental leave, it is the job of the employer to allow them to return to the company .

He does not have to keep your ancestral job free for you, but can also use you in a comparable position . As a substitute for the income, fathers can apply for parental allowance, but only within the first 14 months after the birth of the child. However, parental allowance can not completely replace the income and is paid out for a maximum of 12 months .

Parental leave as a father: working part-time and taking parental leave?

Fathers can combine work and parental leave . So you remain available to your employer and have more time for your child at the same time. To take advantage of this possibility, however, the following conditions must be met:

  • Work less than 30 hours a week (part time)
  • Employed for at least six months with an employer with more than 15 employees
  • Employer may only refuse request for part-time parental leave if there are important operational reasons

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