Period underwear – replacement for bandage, tampon and Co.? We tested it!

Sustainable, hygienic, comfortable – that promises to be the Berlin Period Panty “ooshi”. Sounds great, but does it solve that too? We tried it!

Tying, tampons, menstrual cup – all well and good, but most women are then extremely happy month after month, when they do not need it after a few days … A promising alternative to the known menstrual companions are period panties, Underpants that have sewn a kind of bandage, but are washable and recyclable.

The Berlin start-up ooshi offers a selection of different period panties – from sporty-comfortable to elegant with lace. Fairly produced, sustainably designed, designed with love. Price: From 37,95 Euro. The only question is: Is the ooshi good for something? Three editors have tried it out.

Period Panty ooshi – 3 reviews

1. Positively surprised!

“I am extremely pleasantly surprised by the period underpants, because before the test I had quite a few doubts.Firstly I could not imagine that the underpants really tight, on the other hand I was skeptical when it comes to the wearing comfort of the Panty – in both respects However, I was taught otherwise.The ooshi period underwear is very comfortable to wear , nothing tweaks and the wearing feel is not comparable to that of a bandage: one does not have the impression of wearing a diaper, nor does the underpants feel sticky.

Also in terms of fluid intake, the product keeps what it promises. For strong days or at night I would rather see the period Panty as a supplement to my menstrual cup and not as a substitute – for sure it is safe. 😉  

Of course, I particularly like the sustainability aspect : While bins and tampons produce a lot of rubbish, the underpants only have to be washed out for a short time after use and can then be put into normal laundry at 40 ° C. In addition, they are sewn under fair conditions in Europe and delivered in a plastic-free packaging. By the way, you can choose between hipster and panties, the underpants are available in black and nude and there is even a version with lace.

My conclusion : Even if I continue to put on the menstrual cup, I can fully recommend the period Panty of ooshi. Especially for bandages it represents a very good and environmentally friendly alternative. “

2. My ideal product

Normally during my period I usually need to be extra attentive and go to the bathroom more often, but for safety I still use a bandage, so I thought the ooshi might be the ideal one for me Product – and that is it, especially in comparison to bandage, tampon and menstrual cup.

Especially in competition with a bandage, which replaces while wearing on one side – and sometimes on both 🙄 , the ooshi is much more pleasant. And anyway, I’m grateful for any solution I do not have to introduce myself to! However, the ooshi is now not so comfortable (and – even if it’s quite cool models – certainly not as fancy) as my other briefs. When I wear them, I clearly notice that I am wearing period underwear …

My conclusion: No idea if the ooshi is suitable for people with heavy bleeding, but for me it is ideal! Thanks to her, I can now save on binding. “

3. “super enjoyable”

Can not be good, I thought at first My worries: This is certainly not comfortable, and does not keep dry and probably runs out in the end, but I have to say, none of this was true It is also quite absorbent (even overnight, it did not run out!). While I would not blindly trust that it will protect you on a very busy day on the road but it’s perfect for weaker days or simply as a supplement to tampons, so you can definitely reduce the environmental impact of hygiene products and you just feel better during the day (by the way, it’s great that you’re not constantly using a hygiene product run to the bathroom and change it …).

My conclusion: The ooshi is definitely a real asset to me. That’s why I ordered a few more briefs! “🙂

Videotipp: So much waste is produced by tampons and bandages

So viel Müll entsteht durch Tampons

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