Pill taken too late – and now?

You took your pill too late and are afraid you could get pregnant? We reveal what you can do and whether you really need to worry.

A long day, in the evening still celebrate, came home late and – well – Pill – taken too late! This has probably happened to most women and most are worried afterwards and are unsure .

  • Is contraception still guaranteed in this cycle?
  • Should I still take the next pill at the usual time or 24 hours later?
  • And: How much later than usual is actually too late?

Questions about questions – which we all clarify.

Pill taken too late: Does it still work?

Ideally, you should take the pill at about the same time every day – but of course this is not always possible in everyday life. The good news: If you occasionally take a pill with a time delay, it will not necessarily affect the protection of the contraceptive . However, that should not happen too often , because the more often you deviate from your usual time, the more unreliable the protection becomes. In addition, the delay must not exceed a certain tolerance range (see next section). For more information on the use and the onset of contraception, see our article When does the pill work ?

Pill taken too late: What time is too late?

Normally you do not need to worry much about a single late delivery, as long as the delay is within the tolerance range stated on the package insert . For most pills, this period is 12 hours , but only three for some. Therefore it is important that you inform yourself with your gynecologist or with the help of the leaflet.

If you took the pill later and outside the specified tolerance range , it is still better than forgetting the pill in most cases – but contraception may not be 100% guaranteed. It is crucial in which of the three intake weeks you took the pill too late. Find out more about this in our article Pill Forget .

Attention ! Even if you had sex before taking the dose beyond the tolerance range, there may be an increased risk of pregnancy. In that case, you may want to consider taking the pill afterwards or, if possible, consult with your gynecologist at short notice.

Pill taken too late: how are you?

Whether you have exceeded the tolerance range or not: then you should continue as usual. Even if it means taking two pills at intervals of just three hours or so: After a delay, it is important to restore your usual rhythm as quickly as possible and ideally not to break it again.

Pill taken too late: vacation and time difference

If you fly on vacation to a time-shifting country, it's best to keep your usual rhythm . For example, you can set an appropriate wake-up time on your phone to remind you to take it. However, if the time difference is more than six hours , so you have to get up at night to take the drug at the usual time, you can adjust the time of taking to the local time . If possible, discuss this with your gynecologist to clarify how to handle the case and what to look for.

You are not a special fan of the pill? Understandably, after all, it is not necessarily ideal to interfere with the natural hormonal balance, just to prevent pregnancy. Luckily there are still alternatives, such. B. natural contraception . If you also want to protect yourself against STDs, you should always put a condom on your sweetheart anyway. On the other hand, theoretically you can have intercourse without the risk of pregnancy - after all, there are a few sex positions that make it almost impossible for sperm to find their way to your egg.

In case you want to share your experiences with contraception and sex with others: In our community you can find threads on all sorts of topics!

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