“Please do not chatter the song!”: People describe their childhood in 5 words

Pure nostalgia! The most beautiful and funniest memories of their childhood are currently being revealed by people using the hashtag # MyAgeIn5Words on Twitter.

Your childhood in 5 words? What do you think of first? Hay bales, cuddly toys, gummy bears, play hide and seek? On Twitter, quite a few people reveal the memories that connect them to their childhood – in five words.

It is wonderfully nostalgic and evokes so many beautiful memories 😊 What five words describe your childhood?

1. “Please do not chatter into the song”

Ooooh jaaaaa, record music with the beautiful cassette … and ALL IN SHORT Mutti comes guaranteed in the room and calls to eat 😄

2. “Sounds strange, but it is so!”

Hach yes, Peter Lustig and the dandelion 🌼 That was such a beautiful mission!

3. Will we write in ICQ? “

ICQ! God, what we have written there. Is that actually stored somewhere? Au baking …

Vorname: Kleiner Junge in Lederhosen und

4. "Do you want to go with me?"

Yes, no, maybe - that was so nice when relationships were so easy to sort out! ❤️

5. "What is your Snake record?"

Oh God, how much time of our lives we spent with this snake !! But at some point we were really good 🙂

6. "I have new glitter wafers"

Stickers can never have enough glitter! 😍 Did you have such a nice scrapbook?

7. "What do my primitive crayfish do?"

God knows how many primeval crabs we have on our conscience ...

8. "Do we want to trade Diddl leaves?"

We had SO MANY diddl leaves! Whole folders full! And there were absolute favorite leaves - with the cheese heart! And the burnt! And that with the bouquet! 💕 They are still all in the cellar today 😊

Do you want to travel even more through the past? The hashtag for this nice reminder is: # MyAgeIn5Words . From time to time to travel through the childhood memories, but is really the most beautiful 🙂 What we have experienced everything!

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