Pregnant for 5 years: That’s what Mum has to suffer for so long!

A woman with a gigantic belly of pregnancy struggles to get to work: With this clip, a campaign wants to point out a real problem for mothers.

You do not want that belly of your worst enemy!

The picture is so blatant that you have to look twice: The woman in this video has a pregnancy ball that is almost as big as the mom he’s hanging on to! Consequently, every second we watch them is a torment: Daily self-evident things like getting out of the car , sitting at the desk, picking something up from the floor, are an incredible effort with this belly. And we do not even want to talk about the many sprints to the toilet! No question: keeping a baby FIVE YEARS in the stomach is no picnic. But how could this happen?

Parental leave for all!

The video is of course a fake – a satirical hypnosis that shows how hard it is for mothers in the US . Unlike in Europe (and most industrialized countries), there is no paid parental leave, which is set by law. As a rule, the employer decides how much time he will allow mothers to give birth. If you’re lucky, you might get six weeks parental leave – but it’s not usually that size. It can happen that a mother does not get any concessions and has to spend her annual leave for having children. Eighty-six percent of US workers, according to the video, have no paid parental leave in their jobs.

Save holidays – for your own baby

So does Lauren, the woman in this video: She carries her baby around with her in her womb for years, until she has saved enough holidays to be able to give birth to her child in peace. Fortunately, this does not work in real life. But the video illustrates how unfair and inhumane it is to force mothers to save their holidays for their birth if they want to keep their job. In any case, we are keeping our fingers crossed for all expectant mums in the USA that there will eventually be a legally prescribed parental leave!

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