Preserve breast milk: Everything you need to know

Many breastfeeding mothers pump out breast milk for their baby. But how do you safely store breastmilk? Can you freeze it? How long does it last and how do you warm it up? We have the answers.

As a nurse you are irreplaceable for your baby, but also mums need a little break and free time to recharge their batteries and relax. So that your baby does not have to do without breast milk while you are away , you can pump out breast milk . For this you only need a breastpump . In the meantime, in addition to practical hand pumps, there are also compact, electric pumps that make it possible to pump breast milk almost everywhere.

When storing breast milk, however, there is a little to note . We have summarized this once for you.

How to store breast milk

Top priority when pumping breast milk: hygienic purity! Breast milk should always be pumped into clean, sterilized or boiled containers. The same applies, of course, for storage. For example, you can fill the milk in breast milk bottles or special breast milk bags. The latter score especially because they are particularly space-saving in the refrigerator.

If you want to freeze your milk , both the bags and bottles and cups should be filled to a maximum of three quarters , as the milk expands during freezing.

And do not forget: note the pumping date! So you always know how old the milk is in the container and can use up the oldest portions first.

Keep breast milk: How long does the pumped milk last?

  • At room temperature: at room temperatures up to 21 ° C please do not store more than six to eight hours. Ruling summer room temperatures between 27 ° C and 32 ° C but only three to four hours.
  • In the refrigerator: at a temperature of about four degrees Celsius or less, it lasts three to five days
  • In the freezer: at minus 18 degrees even up to nine months

Keep thawed breast milk:

  • At room temperature: about 3 hours
  • In the fridge: unopened 24 hours, opened bag max. 12 hours

Where do I best store breastmilk?

If you want to feed the pumped milk immediately or very quickly, the milk does not necessarily have to be cooled. Pumped breast milk, on the other hand, which you do not want to use immediately, you should immediately put in the refrigerator. If you are feeding regularly pumped breast milk, it is also advisable to keep the portions in the refrigerator instead of freezing them. This allows the milk to warm up faster. Because if your baby is hungry, it has to be fast. 😉

Important: please do not store breast milk in the refrigerator door . The ideal place for your breast milk is the coldest part of the refrigerator. It is located in the back of the compartment above the vegetable compartment.

Can I pour several breastmilk portions together?

To get a full meal for your baby, you can collect breast milk and pour smaller quantities together.

However, some things have to be considered here:

  • The milk portions should have the same temperature .
  • Freshly pumped breast milk should therefore first be cooled separately and then poured in completely cooled state to already cooled milk.
  • Chilled breast milk can be poured directly onto already frozen milk .

How do I best dissolve mother’s milk?

In order to get all the nutrients of your breast milk, it is important that you gently puff them up . This is best done in the fridge. If you are preparing breast milk at room temperature , you should feed it within two hours . If you put it in the refrigerator , it lasts 24 hours .

Important : Never freeze once thawed breast milk!

Heat breast milk: How to do it right

To warm up chilled breast milk, you can use a warm water bath . Alternatively, this is also possible with a bottle warmer . However, it is important to warm the breast milk to a maximum of 37 ° C. Under no circumstances should you thaw or warm them under hot water, on the stove or in the microwave. Overheating not only destroys vitamins and minerals , it can also scald you into over-hot milk.

Important : once warmed up milk should not be reheated!

Tip : Gently rock the milk bottle or breastmilk bag to mix settled fat with the milk. Please do not shake or stir!

Preserving breast milk: How do I transport pumped milk on the way?

If you have pumped breast milk on the way , you should transport it as cool as possible . You can, for example, a small cooler or carrying bag with cooling elements. In it you can keep breast milk for eight hours.

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