Pssst! You only hear about this part of the body when you are pregnant

May I introduce myself? My name is Katrin, I’m 30 years old and pregnant for the first time. Actually, my pregnancy is going pretty well – if it were not for that part of my body that I’ve never heard of before …

The first pregnancy is a completely new experience. You get to know your body completely new and observe and feel how it changes. The belly grows, here and there you can feel a pull or a push, from a certain month the kicks and Fäustchenschläge the growing baby – adventurous!

Although some of these changes may feel slightly different than any physical conditions before, they are quite comparable: pulling in the abdomen is similar to that during the period, back pain is also known from a dislocation, swollen feet have been after one long hike in the wrong footwear. So far, so easy to classify. But it does not always stay that way.

Symphyseal loosening: Kennste?

At some point, around the seventh month of pregnancy, there is a pain in one part of the body (though not all pregnant women!) That one did not even know existed: the symphysis. Sym- what?

Yes, dear women, whether pregnant or not, we all have a so-called symphysis, as I can report in pain. The symphysis, also called pubic symphysis, is a so-called fibrocartilage, which connects the two pelvic bones.

Due to the hormones released during pregnancy, the symphysis loosens, here pink in the picture.

We all have this connector of the pelvic bones – but usually we never get to feel it. During pregnancy, however, the hormone relaxin is released, which loosens the entire pelvic girdle to allow for the upcoming birth. So far, so useful.

However, it becomes painful when the symphysis distends itself too much and can not withstand the weight of the growing stomach or some everyday movements. The diagnosis is quite simple: Symphyseal loosening – a term that I have never heard before, but doctors, medical assistants and employees of medical supply stores is indeed a common word, as I have stated.

Like a strong sore muscles

With me the pain came from one day to the other and has varied daily since then. Too big steps, standing on one leg and turning around in bed at night are very painful in my case. It feels like a very, very strong sore muscle, which prevents you from certain everyday movements. Even sitting with your legs crossed turns into a challenge.

When I talked to my gynecologist, he did not seem to be much surprised, but rather, I felt he heard this quite often from his patients. I was prescribed a sympathetic belt, which at least partially reduces the weight of the baby’s stomach. In addition, a few good but sometimes difficult to follow advice:

  • do not climb stairs
  • do not move much / long
  • Do not lift heavily
  • do not push anything (like shopping carts)
  • Do not spread your legs (not breaststroke)
  • sit down when putting on (standing on one leg is painful)
  • only take small, slow steps when walking

The latter is easy to follow in that larger (or normal-sized), rapid steps are so painful anyway that you automatically insert the duck’s aisle. What can be remedied are exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor or physiotherapy. Great.

Do not push, lift, climb

What weighs heavily on me next to the pain and the lack of medication, is the uncertainty of how it goes on. After all, whether or not pain in the symp- toms worsens during pregnancy and when they subside after giving birth varies from woman to woman. Even the birth can then be a problem in the supine position – the quadruped stand is recommended.

According to the pharmacy magazine Baby and Family , about every second pregnant woman suffers from such pelvic pain – sometimes weaker, sometimes more pronounced. This calms me down so far that I do not have to deal with this problem alone. Even friends of mine moved out when asked by language that they know at least one former pregnant woman who had this problem. This knowledge calms down.

So dear sympathizers: Talk to each other about things that are unpleasant in pregnancy. Even if you can not name them, because you’ve never heard the right word for it. Sometimes it turns out that even the unknown is normal. A luck …

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Due to the hormones released during pregnancy, the symphysis loosens, here pink in the picture.

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