Psychologist advises: Travel with your children instead of buying toys


Travel with your children instead of buying toys
Travel with your children instead of    buying toys

Do you have wanderlust? Then book the next vacation right away – you also do something good for your children.

European parents spent an average of 580 euro per year on toys. This was the result of a survey by the market research institute Euromonitor. In Australia, parents spend 700 Euros on toys every year. World record.

Does the toy really make you happy?
Above all, these sums are good news for the toy industry. But do the toys really make the kids happy? And are they promoting their development as much as advertising is selling us?

For Oliver James, British psychologist and bestselling author, the answer is clear: he considers toys overrated. Much of the things we give children would not be appreciated.

Travel has a higher value for children
On the other hand, this is quite different when traveling with children. “Family holidays are definitely valued by children,” says Oliver in an interview with the British Telegraph. And not only in the moment of travel, but also long after, in her memory.

Basically, children are no different from adults. They, too, find experiences and experiences like journeys more fulfilling than material things.

Carefree time with the parents
It is less the foreign places and cultures that fascinate children. A visit to the temple is boring for most of them. Children also take in features of the new environment, but more details such as a curious ice cream, a fun fountain or the swordfish, which are hung on a leash at the fishing port.

According to James, kids love traveling so much that they can spend so much carefree time with their parents and family. Since a rather stupid event such as a missed train can be an intense experience that is often told in the family like.

Travel connects, toys do not
These experiences make according to Oliver James the main difference to the toy. While Playmobil or computer games tend to separate children and adults because everyone in their room does something different, they combine vacations together.

Oliver James: “Holidays free us from our stressful everyday lives, where we are under a lot of pressure and everyone is focused on achieving his or her goals, a time when we can all relax and have fun playing.”

So what are you waiting for?

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