Quickie: 10 tips for the quick number

No foreplay, no romance, no time – and still the full load of desire! That can only the quickie. We reveal how you have quick and dirty really hot sex.

You are in a hurry? We also. So down to business!

Quickie: short

“The Quickie” usually refers to fast, spontaneous sex , where the foreplay is very short or completely flat.

Sometimes Quickie is also used as a term for a non-sexual activity performed in abbreviated form, for example, tennis match in a single sentence, fast lap with the dog, brief brainstorming in the team.

Here we focus (of course) on the sexual meaning.

And on it goes: with our ten top tips for maximum excitement in a minimum of time .

10 tips for the perfect quickie

1. Three to seven minutes

The ideal quickie does not take longer than a breakfast egg needs to cook. At least that’s what a study done by North American sex therapists says. At least three minutes are enough for an orgasm – if the circumstances are right …

2nd car, swimming pool, park

These are the most popular places for a quickie according to polls. Other very suitable options: kitchen table, elevator, changing room, ferris wheel, entrance to the house . And of course, spontaneous sex in the water , sex on the plane and sex on the beach and other similar places usually go beyond a quickie.

3. Tango

No, not tango, the dance, but tango, the sex position . Both stand, both come, both go . Also good: The supported Kamasutra position (for example, on the wall of a toilet) or the Woman On Top position (ideal for the car).

4. Spontaneous, wild, animalistic

Tenderness is on Sundays at Blümchensex – the quickie’s fix to the point, quick, dirty and straight to the climax .

5. Start socks

Who needs bare feet during sex? Taking off socks stops unnecessarily – and according to the Dutch study even reduces the chance of an orgasm.

6. Lubricant

Quickie our best friend – because without help is until we are wet , in doubt long ago the parking meter expired and we have a ticket to the disc …

7. Sexting

Since the Vorpllänkel falls flat: Warm up in advance with sexting ! So of course only if it fits the specific circumstances of your quickie (for example, between closing time and dinner on the way home via Whatsapp …)

8. Do not take off too much

Slip half down and go – who at Quickie with unbutton long blouse or pull off bra, is certainly not the climax, until the breakfast egg is ready. With this number is less deposit more … um … yes.

9. Make yourselves

Before the other has to experiment a long time: Masturbate but first a round (together) and then dedicates you shortly before the climax of the partner.

10. Make it easy

Overall, including a pair of tights and maybe even a bodysuit – if you’re dressed like that, you’d better stay necking or kissing your tongue right from the start. Otherwise, the train is long gone before you get down to business (if you wanted to push a farewell number on the Banhofsparkplatz …)

Quickie: 5 arguments for fast sex

Intercourse without time and tenderness is out of the question for you? Fully okay! But maybe these five advantages of the quick version will make you think about your position on occasion.

A quickie …

  1. keeps you fit. Regular sexual intercourse is basically healthy for the body and mind. But in the case of the fast number, we also have to “exercise” sex positions, which can hardly be accomplished without a certain amount of fitness.
  2. always goes. Spontaneously lust, but will the visit come soon? Well, then Tantra Yoga is probably not the best idea to satisfy this desire. But we actually have three minutes left …
  3. reduces stress . He just has this explosive savage and this is not only exciting, but in the best case also has a relaxing effect.
  4. is efficient . No, we do not always have to be efficient. But sometimes it strikes us, even if we take a long time for foreplay and Co., while the purchases still have to be done, the laundry is piled up and the nursery is not cleaned up. In such situations, orgasm problems are inevitable – unless we are done before we even start to think!
  5. animates the relationship. If we celebrate sexual intercourse each time, we will get more and more rare with time and our sex life is slowly but surely falling asleep. The quick number in between brings momentum and variety to our partnership and reduces tension – for most Mingle , the quick-and-dirty sex is probably program anyway.

Quickie: 3 No-Gos, which we regret afterwards

If you are so excited now that you want to get started in a burst of spontaneity , you should only recall one thing: it’s still about sex! And there are (at least) three golden rules:

  1. Contraception: Whatever you do, if you do not want to experience an unplanned surprise, there’s no getting around prevention.
  2. Privacy : Of course, public places are particularly tingling. But if you make too much of a fuss with your craving, someone can report you public aggravation for excitement and you’re being asked to pay. So, if it’s not lockable, then your public place of choice should be more remote …
  3. Trust : It does not have to be the big love – but at least we should trust our sexual partner already. It would be desirable, he knows us and our sexual preferences – otherwise, the small number is quite a big disappointment.

Videtotipp: Attention! In this position it comes most often to dispute

Diese Sexstellung sorgt am häufigsten für Streit im Bett!

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