Reasons why you should often curs

“Shit” do not you say? But one should, at least, mean the psychologist. And they have damned convincing reasons for that.

Fuck off, rimming, fucking dirty Kack-piss!

Well, startled? Do not worry: we too!

With vulgar expressions, most people first flinch. No wonder, after all, as children, we learn that civics do not have to be cursed, and that words of force have no place in the vocabulary of a successful, respectable member of our society. If we then say a “fuck” or “asshole”, we understandably assume that the sender did not enjoy a good education or did not work for him (for lack of intellectual capacity?).

But just as with other things, which were still taboo a few decades ago, the attitude towards expressions has changed in the meantime, and in some cases even reversed.

Psychologist says: Freely cursing improves our lives

One of the biggest “fans” of vulgar language is British psychologist Richard Stephens of Keele University. Yes, that’s right, a psychologist at a university, the man is thinking of what he’s saying. Stephens has written several articles about cursing in which he refers both to studies of other scientists as well as to his own and which all result in the same tendency: an occasional “gag-piss” not only has its justification but also improves our lives – and basically even us.

5 reasons why it is good to speak vulgar language

1. Cursing gives us strength

In 2017, Stephens proved in an experiment that cursing apparently gives us physical strength. He had a total of about 80 volunteers do two different strength exercises, once with swearing and once without. In both exercises, the participants, if they were allowed to curse exuberantly, delivered significantly better results. Stephens adds , “We know from previous research that cursing helps us endure pain, and one possible reason for this is that it stimulates our nervous system, the same that, for example, raises our heart rate when we’re in danger.”

2. Cursing is evidence of intelligence

Who uses expressions, does not know enough words to complain neatly? Error, as several studies prove. Anyone who knows a lot of bad words and generally has a wider vocabulary, is more eloquent, creative and comparatively clever. Krasser Shit!

3. Cursing is self-confident

Those who do not hesitate to include a dirty word in their argument here and there, make a stronger impression on others – and prevail more often, according to Stephens in the Independent . However: If you only jiggled shit of it, convincing expressions alone do not convince.

4. Cursing increases the desire

Well, how often did violent verbal confrontation with your sweetheart end in a sexual climax? Could it be related: In bed just a lot of men go off on dirty talk! Presumably, this is because vulgar words often fall in mainstream porn. Many men’s brains are therefore used to and conditioned to expressions such as “fuck me!” getting horny while she tends to let a “you make love with me” cold. Although no one has stopped to a representative extent, but it is rumored that a “dick” a lot more and longer than a penis …

5. Cursing is the expression of the strongest emotion

In another article in The Independent , Stephens cites an argument for the relevance of terms of force in our lives that makes something thought-provoking: By recording from black boxes recovered after plane crashes, we know that most pilots do so in their last moments tend to become VERY vulgar (and pilots tend to be above average). From this, the psychologist concludes that vulgar language is on the one hand a very basic and essential mode of expression for us, and on the other hand best reflects our strongest feelings. In other words, every piss-Kack signals that something touches us especially.

But with all the good arguments, in the future, quiet often times one or the other “fuck!” let it go instead of curbing us – exaggerate and force on cramp we do not have it. And in the presence of the boss, in-laws or potential landlady would be “great!” certainly always the better choice than “ass horny!”.

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