Reasons why you underestimate yourself

You think you are okay? But are not you – you are much more than that! Why this may not be so clear to you, there are at least four logical reasons.

Betting, you consider yourself much less great and adorable than others perceive you? Maybe even as (almost) all people who know you better? Not that that would be the biggest drama in the world right now! A certain dose of self-criticism, modesty and a few healthy self-doubts are good for you and ultimately make you, among other things, the great person you are. Nevertheless , you will not learn self-love , if you are always ONLY modest. That’s why you can make it clear every now and then: You’re really a great, unique woman! But do not worry too much: you probably will never see it as clearly as others anyway. Why not? For example, for these four reasons.

4 reasons why you have no idea what others value about you

1. You got used to you.

No matter if you are 16, 25, 34, 43 or older: You already have some experiences and moments with you and your characteristics under your belt! Your character, your point of view, your whole way – all so familiar to you that you’ve gotten used to it and took it for granted. But what do you think about how refreshing your direct style affects others when they first come to you? Or how interesting, sweet and pleasant your reserve? Believe it or not, others see special features and strengths in you that you no longer notice. And some people may even envy you for something that has annoyed you for years.

2. You get less compliments than you deserve.

You do not get that much good feedback from others? No wonder: the world is not just about you! Except maybe your mom, nobody feels responsible for constantly strengthening and pimping you. Also, it’s just people who are self-conscious and doubtful (about 99 percent of humanity) who find it hard to just compliment others like that.

For example, many would find it an admission of their own weakness if they told you, “Madness, how you kept your calm at that moment.” Because they admit to me: “I would not have done that.” Or they fear being smaller themselves when they allow their size to others. Yes, we are all making life difficult for each other, but it will not change that fast. Therefore, just keep it in mind and call it the next time you have not got a compliment for a long time (but the more negative feedback, because that is the most insane easy) in memory.

3. You compare yourself with others.

One is slimmer, another is more quick-witted and the third already has a job at 28 that you can only dream of. Yes, yes, exactly these three types exist in the life of every woman … We all compare ourselves with others and for that we do not even have to open Instagram. After all, we are constantly surrounded by people, in the job, in the neighborhood, in the family – they are just everywhere! And if we experience them like this, we can not help but compare ourselves to them. That’s not bad at all.

Which is just a bit annoying: that we often focus on what we do not have and what works better with others than with us. Typical human! But the joke is yes: Others compare with you and then see first thing they do not have – crazy, right?

Well, one day, when we all have understood that other things are just different, and neither better nor worse, and we have learned how strong we are, if we all band together and put together our positive qualities, we will talk about this “negative Comparisons “- a big laugh. And until then: ponder yourself more often on what YOU have everything, can and are and let the others – without value – be the others.

4. You wish for appreciation from the wrong people.

Similar problem as with the comparisons: Mostly we want what we do not have (or can get). That’s why we fall in love with guys who are not on our side, want to impress fellow women who just can not do anything with our work, and generally want to win people over to us who are more critical of us. Stupid! Often enough, we disrespect or overlook all those people who love us on their own and consider them valuable. In the process, they could theoretically often even teach us to perceive ourselves a bit more positively …

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