Revealed: Hide the flight attendant behind her back

Flight attendants often have their hands hidden behind their backs – a gesture with more to it as you know! In the video you can see what it's all about!

“Welcome on board”: With these words every passenger is greeted nicely when he enters the plane. But have you ever noticed that the flight attendant or the flight attendant clasped her hands behind her back when greeting her? This is not a coincidence – the crew discreetly takes care of an important part of the boarding process!

What flight attendants prefer to keep to themselves

In fact, there is such a thing some things on board that the airline would not necessarily tell their passengers immediately. Here are just a few examples:

  • The headphones are recycled: Even if they are freshly wrapped in plastic: If the crew collects the headphones afterwards, they were already in use before. Sure, of course they will be cleaned in between – but they are not fresh and new when you put them on.
  • Deep cleansing is rare: Of course, a plane is cleaned after each flight – but not as thoroughly as you might think. Mostly only the waste is collected from the ground, and maybe sucked in briefly. A real basic cleaning is only once a month.
  • Nothing remains hidden: Also, if some passengers consider it super discreet: The crew does not miss a thing. And yes, when a couple disappears together in the bathroom, it is looked at by the flight attendants later wrong (because the crew knows how it is rarely cleaned …)
  • There is no limit to snacks and drinks: If there are enough mini pretzels left you can To get a lookup. What matters is whether you ask nicely or if you ask for it harshly – in that case they are then “unfortunately out”. Oh yes – and when drunks are totally “over it”, they usually do not get relived.
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    The secret in the hindquarters

    What brings us back to it: Of course it is not a pure coincidence that you will almost always receive the greeting pose with hidden hands. But do not worry – of course, the crew has no secrets from the passengers, which would make you nervous. The truth is: behind the back, the flight attendants have a counting device in their hand, with which they click with each greeting. So you can discreetly and at a glance find out how many passengers are on board the plane.

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