Rose wedding: meaning, gifts and outfits

The rose wedding is usually celebrated big – rightly so! We show you beautiful gift ideas, sayings and give you inspiration for your outfit!

Meaning of the rose wedding

The wedding party is celebrated on the 10th wedding anniversary (here you will find an overview of the wedding anniversary ). Why roses? Roses as a symbol of love would suit every wedding anniversary. But roses are not only a romantic image, with their thorns, they are also symbolic of the challenges of the couple over the past ten years – they have mastered together.

Rose wedding: the customs

A common custom for the rose wedding is to decorate the front door of the couple with a wreath of roses . It is also a tradition that the husband gives 10 red roses to his wife (the other way around, of course, it is equally possible 😉). Planting a rosebush in the garden is also a custom.

Rose wedding: the cake

The 10th wedding anniversary is usually the first anniversary, which is celebrated larger . There must not be missing a delicious cake – and of course it is decorated with roses! Here are two beautiful ideas for a cake for the rose wedding:

Rose wedding: gift ideas

At a rose wedding gifts with the symbol of the wedding anniversary are in use, that can be:

  • Rose liqueur
  • rosebush
  • Harness with rose motive
  • Candles with rose scent
  • Textiles with rose motif (tablecloth, pillows, bed linen)
  • Banknote made as a rose
  • Rose box (preserved roses)
  • Homemade chocolate with edible rose petals
  • Homemade soap with rose petals

Gifts without a rose symbol

  • Personalized champagne or wine glasses
  • Red vase with bunch of flowers
  • Personalized candle
  • Write a self-written poem
  • gift of money

Gift ideas for the couple with each other

  • Bouquet with roses
  • Jewelery made of rose quartz
  • Perfume with rose note
  • experience gift

Which dress for the rose wedding?

What should I wear for the rose wedding, you ask yourself? The rose wedding is often celebrated with family, friends, acquaintances and neighbors. With such a nice anniversary, a festive wardrobe is appropriate. Depending on the desired dress code this can naturally be looser or more chic. We have put together some nice outfits with dresses & co.

Rose wedding: sayings and poems

The perfect dress and gift you have found, now you need only a matching saying or a beautiful poem for the greeting card. Let yourself be inspired by these ideas:

It’s the same with a marriage as with a rose: it needs a lot of care and attention, otherwise it will wither. ” (Unknown)

“For 10 years you went through thick and thin – that deserves special recognition. Congratulations on the rose wedding! ” (Unknown)

Ten years have passed since you went to the wedding altar.” As time flies by, now it’s time again: We congratulate you from the heart and kindle the colorful candles, wish you a lot of roses another wild love tales! Once you disturb the thorns, do not be deceived, because truly: You are a great couple – stay happy and happy year after year. “(unknown)

Ten years, a proud number!

Take the bouquet of roses.

As your love happiness so beautiful,

The flower queen is also blooming.

No rosebush is without a thorn ‘

even if that does not like it.

And a marriage without worry,

There’s no such thing in this world.

The rose is still with you,

a noble love note.

Like the flower queen,

shall blossom,

good luck for all time. “ (unknown)

After ten years of marriage, the time has come:

The anniversary of the rose is celebrated.

Since you look back on life for two

and realizes: Almost went in the pants!

But without a thorn ‘there is no Ros’

even if that does not like it.

And a marriage without a care lot,

There’s no such thing in this world.

One decade ago, they united,

until today ‘not abandoned.

Laughed together and cried a lot,

If you want to continue to live the marriage (he).

Therefore, the rose is like a symbol.

And not only, if you want to look at them,

Remember the already spoken words:

I want to love, honor and respect you . “(Susanne Pilastro)

And when the beautiful celebration is over, the couple can look forward to the coming years of marriage – and to the silver wedding and the Golden Wedding 😀.

Video tip: Love that lasts forever: This feature couples couples for a lifetime!

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