Separation despite love: These reasons speak for it

A separation despite love makes no sense? Oh yes, sometimes unfortunately already … Under what circumstances this is the case, we tell you here. 11232716 No question: love is something big and

true love In some situations 1015 and finally, wastes valuable time. Finally, there is the 1018 in finding our happiness – and love should not prevent that but support it! In which cases a separation is appropriate despite love? For example in these … 8000 Separation despite love: These arguments support this

1. Different ideas of relationship 3600 He would like to marry, you just something loose? Your darling finds a long-distance relationship completely okay, but you are the viiiiel too close proximity? 71 no matter how much you love each other. Sounds hard? It is. But how do you want to be happy together if you need different frameworks for it …? 3306 1885

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. 2 Disagreement with the desire to have children 8388608 Children yes or no – there is nothing in between with this question. You do not necessarily have to agree on the exact number from the outset, but whether you want to start a family or prefer to stay together, you should both answer the same. After all, it's not easy to undo the decision for children – and in the end, they will not be able to …

. 3 Incompatible Worldviews 71402 Sad but true: Religion and faith can be reasons to part with a loved one. No sex before marriage, contraception is sin, women have to cover themselves or children must be brought up in the same faith – 3285377520 some religious people stick to laws others do not understand And when they affect one another's coexistence and relationship and cause fundamental conflicts, there is usually no other option but to go their separate ways – after all, even with reasonable discussion and communication, religious issues and conflicts can not be eliminated. (..

. 4 Violence

If your partner (to you) becomes violent, everything else does not matter – and one 11658554Separation despite love, the only option. to have a healthy relationship Of course, everyone deserves a second chance, but only if he recognizes his problem and faces him. An apology or justification is not enough in this case! Because: Once your partner has broken this taboo, there is a relatively high probability that he will do it again. In that sense, he would have to do something to earn your trust again …

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. 5 Addictions and dependencies 71402 Of course you do not leave out who you love, as soon as he or she gets sick or has mental health problems – but addictions and addictions may look different. Gambling addiction, drug addiction and the like Ä. make people do things they would never do “in their right mind”. They steal, lie, cheat, lose control of themselves and their lives little by little – 15109 only those affected broken, but also their environment, the people who are close to them . In this case, if your sweetheart shows insight and seeks help, it does not bother you to stand by him and believe in him! However, if he is blind and trapped in his addiction, you probably can not liberate him from it right now – and at least you should protect yourself … 3395469782

. 6 Emotional blackmail 8000 Sometimes you can 1014 emotional blackmail but in most cases the vicious circle of manipulation and dependency can only be broken by a separation. Of course, this step – as with any rational separation – is difficult. But in the end, what exactly connects you to a person does not count (habit? Love?) 1014 Hassliebe ?), but how happy you can be with this person. And how happy can you be with someone who abuses your feelings to impose his will on you …?

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