Sex in public: allowed or punishable?

Sex in public sounds tempting, especially on warm summer days. We’ll tell you what to look out for to make it a nice experience.

Sex in public: Introduction

Sex on the plane or sex in the water – sex in public is interesting for many people, not least because the attraction of the forbidden gives the whole thing a certain tingling sensation.

Because even if sex in bed is certainly the most comfortable and most intimate option , in the long run it can also become a bit monotonous. A little variety can not hurt, right? 😉

Sex in public: allowed or punishable?

  • Basically, sex in public is not prohibited per se. However, it is crucial if a third person has seen the sexual acts and can feel disturbed by them.
  • Thus, it should be clear that you choose a place that does not exactly correspond to the station hall or a football stadium to avoid a public nuisance
  • If someone has felt disturbed due to your sexual act and asserted a public nuisance, this corresponds to a misdemeanor in accordance with §186a StGB .
  • The punishment thereby can range from a fine up to a prison term of up to one year . However, the law does not provide a clear definition of sexual acts and an accused sexual nuisance. For a punishment the deliberate excitement of a public nuisance plays a crucial role, so that one must consciously invest it already to be seen.
Wie oft denken Frauen an Sex: Paar im Bett

Sex in public: Tips for the right place

  • In the spring or summer, sex in public is certainly more pleasurable, not only because of the weather, but also the clothes make a quickie easier and you can disappear faster if someone sees you. Skirts or dresses are perfect for this.
  • But of course sex in public does not automatically mean sex outdoors , sex in a toilet or changing room falls into this category. For sex outdoors, it is advisable to take a comfortable blanket , for example, when planning their sex in the forest .
  • If you really want to be sure not to be seen, find a place in advance that you consider appropriate. Not that otherwise, for example, by long searches, passing people or stinging mosquitoes quickly the desire passes.

Sex in public: list with places

Sex in public: two more practical tips

  • Nobody should give up on condoms - just remember not to throw it somewhere after sex. It should be disposed of in the trash. The best extra packed, for example in a handkerchief. Incidentally, condoms are often used incorrectly. How to put on a condom , so that nothing goes wrong, you will learn here.
  • Depending on the place and time, it is advisable to think in advance about ideal sex positions , so that you have fun with sex in public. For example, artistic Kamasutra positions are more likely to be in the park than in the restroom. 😉

Tips and advice for the first time or a skilful hickey you get here.

If you want to chat with others about sexy sex places, check out our BRIGITTE community .

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