Sex in the sauna: forbidden pleasure?

Sex in extraordinary places has always had a great impact on us humans. How sex in the sauna succeed, you will find out here.

Sex in the sauna: Is that allowed?

  • If you have your own sauna in the basement, then definitely! 😉 Sex in a public sauna or spa is of course not expressly allowed. In many saunas, there are even explicit guidelines that point to a ban on sex . If you get caught there, you’ll have to leave the facility immediately and you’ll probably be banned from doing so.
  • You ask yourself: Why is sex not liked in the sauna? Well, first of all, a sauna is a place of relaxation, which does not mean sexual relaxation … If you get caught in the sauna in the sauna, you make you punishable under § 183 a StGB due to arousal of public nuisance , what with a fine or, in extreme cases, even a prison sentence of up to one year.

Sex in the sauna: plan ahead

  • Think about exactly what equipment is well suited for sex, for example because there are many small, secluded and darkened saunas or the staff controls little. It would be a pity if you select your favorite sauna and then get a house ban there.
  • In addition to special sauna clubs , which are explicitly aimed at sexually active people, there are also saunas that are rented exclusively for one or more hours. There it is up to you and your sex partner , what you do in the sauna … 😊

Sex in the sauna: Where is the attraction?

  • Relaxed, warm atmosphere (eg in a fireplace sauna in winter)
  • Nudity is completely natural in a sauna
  • The charm of the forbidden (see also sex on the beach or sex in the car )
  • Aromatic fragrances
  • Sweating stimulates the desire

Sex in the sauna: 3 practical tips

  • Choice of the sauna: Sex makes you sweat and it is already hot through the sauna – so choose a mild bio-sauna or a steam bath . The advantage of a steam bath: Through the steam and the darkness you can live out undisturbed. To last for more than a minute, choose one of the lower benches because it is not so hot there.
  • Positions: Each woman has her favorite positions, but in the sauna you should choose sex positions that are also practicable in the implementation. For tantra yoga or artistic Kamasutra, you’d better wait until you’re back home … Choose a sex position that does not offer you that much body contact and that you can quickly get rid of, such as missionary work .
  • Cooling: Sex in the sauna is twice as hot, then you want to cool down for sure. Together in the ice shower or rub yourself with ice cubes offer as a tingling epilogue before you relax on a lounger in the cuddle mode switches.

Sex in the sauna: Dangerous for the body?

  • The passage into the sauna also means stress for our body . Due to the high temperatures our circulation runs at full speed, the blood vessels expand and the heart beats faster.
  • For sex in the sauna, therefore, rather offers a quickie than detailed Blümchensex , because you should definitely not stay longer than five to ten minutes in the sauna, unless you are in a very mild bio-sauna .
  • So, if you think about it carefully, having sex in the sauna can be beneficial to your health in two ways. Sex, like sauna, is good for the immune system and increases the antibodies in the saliva.

From masturbation to hickey make – with us you get many tips around the topic of sexuality.

You want to exchange with others about sex in exciting places? Then take a look at our BRIGITTE community .

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