Sex with a woman: That's what makes him so beautiful

Ever thought about what it’s like to sleep with a woman? Or do you already know? Either way: What the two lesbians Ina and Vanessa have to say, will certainly interest you.

That there are a few scattered men here and there, the huge effort to get just to get a woman to bed, probably know most of us. But can you really blame them? Maybe sex with a woman is such a hammer, that some man does everything for it …

Fun aside, but seriously: What really speaks against trying it in bed, for example, with a girlfriend, even if we are straight? Honestly, we did not think much of it. In return, Ina and Vanessa, two lesbian ladies from Berlin , talked a little bit out of the box and told us what they appreciate about lesbian sex. And what should we say? Sounds pretty tempting … and you should try out as much as you can in life anyway. Or not?

7 reasons why sex with a woman is the most beautiful

1. empathy (and creativity)

Women just know how to do it! Since you yourself are a woman, you divine what your partner might like, and vice versa. A woman comes in bed on her own ideas, you could not even explain a man with charts and power point Präsi.

2. Women are beautiful

The female body – sensuality, intensity, tenderness, passion, pure sex! Just think of the touch of her soft, well-groomed skin, the gentle curves and her smooth movements …

3. Cuddle

Women love cuddling, too much cuddling does not exist for us. It creates a beautiful sense of intimacy and awakens our lust more reliably than any porn. Cuddling on the same denominator – as two women usually are – elevates the sexual part of a relationship to another dimension.

4. Foreplay

For women, foreplay is just important, even for anatomical reasons. Now we need more foreplay to get going, so we can enjoy it more intensively than men (thanks, clitoris!). To let the prelude play all the time in the world and to do everything and try out what makes the thermometer rise, if you understand … we can really recommend it to every woman!

5. You learn something about yourself

If, for example, your partner does something with you that she wishes or likes, it often makes you realize what you like! Or you try something with her and say: Holy moly, but I had not expected such a reaction – but now you ask me!

6. The sex is harmonious and relaxed

Of course, sex with a man is for many women also harmonious and relaxed. But when you’re in bed with a woman, you both want and need the same thing! You do not have to hurry or back up for the sake of others, but really makes one hundred percent common cause! This will be an unforgettable highlight every time.

7. The charm of the “mysterious”

Luckily, same-sex sex is NO longer forbidden or no longer considered perverted or anything, but for us the first time with a woman was still particularly exciting – but unlike the first sex anything but a disappointment …

Any questions? You can find out more about Vanessa and Ina on her Instagram account, Vaginasontourx , or on YouTube under the link: Vaginasontour x.

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Diese Sternzeichen haben den besten Sex zusammen

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