Shakira and Merkel play in the sandbox: These are the most unusual names in 2019

An expert of the Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache (GfdS) names the weirdest names parents give to their children. But beware: psychologists warn against overly exotic names.

Marie, Sofie, Paul and Alexander – these were the most popular first names of the year 2018 . Many parents choose classic names for their little ones. But there are some who name their children after pop stars or series characters. The portal has interviewed the Society for German Language (GfdS) on the weirdest names in 2019.

Game of Thrones is especially popular

According to this, first names from the popular HBO series “The Game of Thrones” have been particularly popular this year. The GfdS lists in a list of “special names” almost two dozen characters of the series. Tyrion alone has been awarded about 15 times in the past three years, says GfdS expert Frauke Rüdebusch to t-online .de.

Rare but true: first names from Greek mythology

According to the expert names of Roman and Greek mythology have been tried: Adonis, Poseidon or Apollo are just a few. But also fantastic names like Wendelbert, Bombastus, Terence-Spencer or Jamy-Oliver were admitted by the registry offices. A corresponding recommendation or an opinion as to whether the name can be used comes from the GfdS.

These names got no chance

Some names also reject the language experts according to the portal. Popcorn, Urmel, Eisenstein, Knirpsi or Lucifer, for example, would not have had a chance. In the past, other crazy names were also rejected: These include peppermint, boy, troublemaker, Theiler (instead of Tylor), lightning, Schröder, whiskey, woodruff, yogurt, Crazy Horse, Borussia, Desperado, Popo, cherry, Cologne, Porsche, Gucci , Seniorina or Satan.

Why was the name Schröder rejected, but Merkel allowed? This decision has absolutely nothing to do with a political preference, but a simple explanation: The surname of the German Chancellor go from the first name Markward forth and can therefore be forgiven – but strictly speaking only to boys.

Psychologist warns against too exotic names

“There is a trend towards individualization,” says GfdS expert Rüdebusch. However, she also advised against some of the registered names, because the best interests of the child are the top priority and there must be a clear first and last name.

The Dresdner psychologist Ulrich Winterfeld warns parents, however, to give his children too exotic names, as they often have it much harder in life. Often it was about the own relationship to the name, instead of thinking about how the name would come later. Children like to call themselves Shakira or Rihanna, because their parents got to know each other at a concert. But that does not always work well in society.

At least a non-exotic second name

So names like Maximilian or Katharina are associated with a wealthy parent, Kevin and Chantal rather with a low social milieu. “As a psychologist I say, if you want to signal not only that you have a very special relationship, but also want to do something good for the child, you should definitely give him a second and less exotic name,” Winterfeld warns.

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