Shaman Stefan Limmer explains the biggest pitfalls in the relationshi

Whether a relationship works depends on many factors. The shaman Stefan Limmer knows what things she often fails.

In order to have a successful relationship, we have to start with ourselves: finding the connection to one’s own self, allowing feelings, dealing with fears … there is much to do!

In his book “Heavenly Love & Divine Birding” the shaman Stefan Limmer explains how one finds in the partnership a happy coexistence, devotion and ecstasy. In it he also names four typical thought traps that have a negative effect on the relationship.

1. The wrong expectations

We all paint things out when we go into a relationship. How should the partner be, how the relationship everyday life look like? Often, we have general expectations that society expects to be desirable. The Shaman recommends, “In order to have a truly fulfilling relationship, it is necessary to find your very own vision of relationship beyond all conventions and imprints.”

2. We have no connection to our interior

Many people have the problem that they do not really know themselves. They have no real connection to their ICH and are not aware of their strengths. But that’s exactly what makes someone relate. According to Limmer, it helps to know your personal sources of power and to become aware of what your heart needs in a relationship.

3. We are guided by our fears

Whether we are afraid of the world out there or our emotions: “Instead of bravely facing yourself and the world, repression, compensation and withdrawal dominate,” says the Shaman. Our fears obscure us completely. Sure, that also blocks us in the relationship, we miss many beautiful things and quickly go wrong ways. As the saying goes, fear is never a good guide!

4. We live in the past

Instead, we should focus on living in the here and now. The mistake that many make: they take negative experiences from the past into the current relationship and can not draw a line. “The thoughts are constantly circling around situations that are long gone,” said Limmer. This goes so far as to repeat traumatic experiences even in the new relationship.

Work on yourself

In his book, Stefan Limmer explains how rituals can help liberate the four pitfalls. This is achieved, for example, by various mindfulness exercises, which are explained in more detail in the book.

Author Stefan Limmer is a building biologist, non-medical practitioner, seminar leader and initiated shaman. In addition to naturopathy, he has specialized in shamanic healing methods. In his The book “Heavenly Love & Divine Birding” (14,99 Euro, arkana) shows the way to a fulfilled love. The author on the Web:

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