Simulated labor: Men suffer so much from birth

Are women in the delivery room maybe just totally crazy? These men wanted to prove it – and they experienced their blue wonder.

“Oh, it can not be that bad with the contractions,” thought two husbands who wanted to prove their courageous thesis promptly. On Youtube they made the self-experiment: In a clinic, they were using stimulation of the pulses to stimulate their abdominal muscles so that they contracted and relaxed as in labor pains.

“Women are always exaggerating”

At the beginning of the video, the two are still very superior and self-confident: “According to women, this is the worst pain of all time,” explains one of them. “And according to men, women are always exaggerating,” adds his friend. A steep thesis, which will soon make you very sorry.

Holding hands against the pain

So that the experience of a “real” birth comes as close as possible, the women of the two are in the room to “support”. And even with the first “contractions” is the two guys written in the face that the whole thing may not run as casually as they had imagined. Soon they cling to the hands of their partners to deal with the pain reasonably. Maybe this is not the employment of women with the birth pains?

“As if I’m being cut open by a saw!”

“I have to remember to breathe,” gasps one of them as his friend adds, “It feels like someone is cutting my abdomen with a saw!” At this point, the gentlemen are at least on phase four of a total of ten phases of simulated birth. “I think I have to vomit,” moans one of them. Meanwhile, she tells the doctor soberly that they would have more labor in actual birth. Much more.

“Mom, I’m so sorry!”

Finally, the men are beaten and confess: Well, that everything is much wilder than expected – and with such blatant pain, they are not clear. After all, one of them puts it perfectly to the point: “Mom, if you had to go through something like that with me all those years ago, I’m sorry, you’re a real superhero, a really hard mom!”

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