Since I do one thing differently, other people annoy me much less

Sometimes annoyed by your fellow human beings? Our author knows the problem. But she has come up with a strategy that will not spoil other people’s spirits.

People are the # 1 mood killer for me . So not basically, but if they are stupid or stupid, they bring me faster from “life is beautiful” to “help, I want to go to bed” as rain or an empty Nutella glass. Three examples of classic “Orrrr!” Situations that usually annoy me with animals:

  • In the supermarket , a new box office is opened and the last ones out of the queue are sprinting forward with their full shopping trolleys, instead of letting those who wait with their two items already for 10 minutes.
  • At the subway station , many passengers want to get in and out, but some behave as if the train were their private one-person means of transport – and also react on a dry footing when they are urging or saying something.
  • Pedestrians walk on the bike lane without looking back and insult me ​​as a “stupid cow!”, If I ring belligerently.

Yes, yes, I know: I am quite impatient, easily irritable and should not be upset at all about this . And meanwhile I do not do it any more. Because I finally found a way that works great for me personally against my mood killer number 1: laugh !

A chattering snarl helped me to realize

The fact that I noticed how laughing can save me from the mood drop was pure coincidence. One morning, on the way to work, shortly after 7 o’clock, it happened again: A well-dressed man (determined something with finances), ran on the bike path, without looking back, I (on the bike) gave way at the last moment out, he was scared and scolded “man, is it still ?! Unbelievable!”. Maybe I had a very good day or so, but instead of feeling touched, upset or confronted with it, at that moment I could just laugh about this man and the situation – and that was not only liberating , it even took my mood still lifted !

Through this experience, somehow the penny has fallen: There will ALWAYS be situations in which people do not behave as I wish. Not so attentive, not so considerate, not so friendly. And I’ll probably never be able to stand over it, because it often affects me and that’s why I notice. I can not change that. But HOW I react to it, whether I take it to myself or take it with humor, I decide all alone ! And if I have the choice between laughing and annoying me – the matter is clear to me.

Why laughing works for me

Of course, I rarely find situations like those described really funny and my strategy does not always work perfectly well. But she does not have to, because every now and then it does me some good to get excited about trifles. But since I know the laugh number, she has helped me a lot, because usually it is with the smile as with the smile (at least for me): Even if I only force it first, it will be natural and mine after a few seconds Mood improves – as well as my general attitude to my former mood killer number 1, since he makes me laugh more often.

And that some may be confused or annoyed every now and then, when they notice how I laugh, is, I think, again not my problem, but their decision. After all, they might as well laugh with me.

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