Single parent describes her biggest problem

Family Minister Franziska Giffey wants to relieve fathers by cutting their maintenance obligations. In addition to a petition, however, the single parent Lena was loud – and met with great approval.

The SPD politician Franziska Giffey has made a bill that is a thorn in the side of thousands of women in Germany. Giffey, married and mother of a nine-year-old son, wants to relieve divorced fathers financially.

So far, it is so that single mothers receive child support from the father. This makes sense especially when the usual weekend arrangements in the family are agreed: The children live (in about 85 percent of cases) with the mother, every other weekend they come to the father.

Giffey calls for maintenance cuts for fathers

Now, there are cases in which fathers take care of their children more than two weekends a month, for example, from around 10 days a month. These are also those fathers, which wants to relieve Giffey: It could not be, “that the father continues to have to pay full support, even if the child spends a lot of time with him and even has his own room with him,” said the politician an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung . Giffey wants to reform the law of care, access and maintenance.

Conversely, the more a father looks after the children, the less maintenance he should pay the mother. Or, as the town councilor, feminist and author (” Alone, lonely, single parent “, Lübbe Verlag 14.99 Euro) Christine Finke, three-time single mother, formulated in her tweet:

Missing alimony of the fathers

The petition she has created is diligently signed by numerous mothers. Statistically, caregiving parents – mostly single mothers – are most at risk of poverty. The reason: running costs, less budget (often working mothers still part-time) and often enough missing or poor maintenance payments of the fathers.

Many Twitter users, such as Lena, mother of a daughter, see this as a single parent. It exemplifies how single mothers really feel – and reaps lots of positive feedback. Lena describes her life situation like this:

(She continues 🙂

“(…) too scary in the evening but beautiful in the daytime and that rolled-up trouser legs are the uncoolest parent invention in the world, he does not know all that and much more, because after the breakup, like thousands of other fathers, he has not taken any responsibility.

I tried to involve him in the life and upbringing of my daughter. The youth welfare office and two other counseling centers, friends, relatives – no one could make him to be a reliable father. I argued, asked, threatened, begged, nothing helped.

I have been a single parent for 6 years and my problem has never been my status, never really. What is problematic is my financial situation (as the father stays free maintenance ), my day time limit of 24 hours (for I am working and studying) and, worst of all, the pain my daughter about the absent father. I can not take this pain from her and that’s probably the most frustrating thing I’ve ever experienced.

How many hours I’ve spent with a broken child in my arms, I can not count anymore. Probably just as often as my daughter almost always looks back and waves before she goes to school. So she knows I’m still here.

Do not get me wrong, I do not want to be pitied. Our life is good, we are happy, the daughter lives mostly well with the sporadic father. It is quiet with us and we give ourselves a home. But I worked hard and this situation has my daughter and I suffered, to express it as drastically as it was a few years.

And that’s why I’m stunned when I hear that Franziska # Giffey wants to relieve fathers. There is simply nothing to relieve . @ Mama_arbeiten and @ _MIAeV_ have published a statement that shows that 75% of children of separated parents receive no or very little support.

Considering these (known) numbers , Giffey’s statement is just a slap in the face of every single parent * . We have other, real problems, such as # child poverty and # discrimination against women and mothers, such as gender pay gap etc.

To free fathers from child support payments MOSTLY NOT TO BE MADE TIMELY is therefore complete political idiocy, which is only intended to get votes and simply burns children and mothers as collateral damage! “

The MIA ( single parent initiative ) puts the fears of single parents according to Franziska Giffey’s suggestion as follows:

Whether Giffey has counted with so many opponents, is uncertain. The fact is, it will not be easy for the SPD politician to push through her desired demand for reduced child support payments …

Video tip: Are single parents not a family ?!

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