Sitting position provides information about your personality

You do not think about how you sit down? A fact that will change from now on, because your seating position says a lot about your personality.

As the psychologists of the magazine “Glow Pink” want to have found out, you can draw from the sitting position of a person conclusions about the respective personality. We’ll tell you what you want to express when you’re skimming your legs or putting them sideways.

Position 1: X-legged

You like sitting in this position? Then you probably live by the principle: “The problem will be solved by itself”. Sure, that can go well for a long time, but sometimes this attitude also backfires. Anyone who likes to sit x-legged in his chair is anything but boring. On the contrary: It is easy to communicate with you, even if the attitude to a specific topic can ever change within a week. You are creative, charming and also a bit childish. The fact that you always say what you think can make you fatal.

Position 2: overturning

Anyone who likes to roll over his legs belongs to the Dreamer faction. You have a great imagination and like to be called the “heart or soul of a team”. Since you are always bubbling over with new ideas, like meeting new people and traveling the world, it’s never boring with you. Everything has to happen immediately, radical changes are completely normal – whether it concerns the partner, the appearance, the job or the city.

Position 3: Legs apart

The wide-legged faction knows what comfort means. Instead of spending your weekends on shopping streets, you tend to have a complicated relationship with the fashion phenomenon and spend your free time in nature. You can not or do not want to decide on a style. Those who like to be in this sitting position are of the type “ordered chaos”. Maybe other people will not be smart about it, but only you know: Behind it hides a logical system.

Position 4: Parallel

If you always put your legs parallel to each other, you are most likely quite smart and sensitive, but also a bit more accurate. You do not want others to come late and feel uncomfortable when others show their feelings in public – whether that’s kisses or quarrels. You reach for the stars, but not without leaving the ground. Your environment is a hostile zone, only at home you can really be detached and satisfied. Clear that parallel Seater always negative film ends would prefer the happy ends of comedies.

Position 5: Sideways

You like to sit sideways on your chair? Then you are probably always quite relaxed – and think that everything has its time. Marry and make children? Do not have to be now. In general you still do not know exactly where the (life) journey will lead you and you are aiming for a higher goal afterwards. But one thing is immensely important: the right appearance and a perfect look.

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