Smartphone addiction: How to avoid it – and finally become more productive again!

Do you love your mobile? Then you fulfill the first requirement for a smartphone addiction. We tell you what it is, how you recognize it and how to avoid it – and in case of emergency, get rid of it.

smartphone addiction

Imagine, you go to work in the morning and halfway you notice: Your (private) smartphone is not in your pocket, but – probably – still home on the breakfast table. Hand on heart: What excuse for coming too late do you tell your boss? 😅

We are all in the same boat: We got so used to the smartphone and its advantages that we almost feel naked when we accidentally leave the house without a mobile phone. As long as this feeling is in the frame (without clothes, we also feel naked and therefore do not worry), that’s okay. 

Smartphone addiction is so easy

But in the case of the cell phone, a healthy usage behavior can quickly develop a dependency. Because every time we look at the smartphone, it makes us happy, for example by …

  • provides the information that we need right now
  • notifies that our selfie was leaked at Insta
  • Displaying the “I Think of You” -WhatsApp by our friend.

In each of these cases, just looking at the phone satisfies our needs, and the body responds by releasing the happiness hormone dopamine – as when eating or having sex. Although our sense of happiness is in itself a great thing and as a  natural navigation system for life, it works great. But on such a device as the smartphone, which can provide us with minimal effort (a look) the main profit (dopamine intoxication), it is nunmal (yet) not programmed.

Therefore, the danger threatens that our own navigation system leads us straight into the smartphone addiction. And that is no longer in everyday life “handy” (in the sense of practical).   

Signs of smartphone addiction

Cellular addiction is not as easy to recognize as the addiction to drugs, vending machines, sex or chocolate. But there are at least three very clear warning signs that should (according to psychologists) seriously alarm us.

  1. It is out of the question for us to leave the phone at home for a day or off – not even on vacation.
  2. We even interrupt hobbies and activities that give us pleasure in checking our mobile phone.
  3. In the job we can neither work concentrated nor confidently occur and in conversation with other people, we are not really in the thing, because we constantly feel the urge to look at the smartphone.   

Get rid of smartphone addiction … or prevent!

While media dependency may seem more benign than other addictions because it does not have such drastic effects on the body as alcohol or smoking, in the long term, cell phone use can cause them to become isolated, unproductive and slowly but surely in control lose over her life. In addition, it can have a negative orthopedic effect

Reason enough to at least observe and, if necessary, change our usage habits when it comes to smartphones. Here are a few tips on how best to do it.

  • Cell Phone Free Zones: Unplug certain areas or places where the smartphone is generally taboo, especially suitable: bedroom, kitchen and the workplace.
  • Time Out : Best time for a few hours off the phone every day. In particular, the first hour after getting up and the last hour before bedtime are appropriate, since the use of smartphones is already counterproductive at these times (in hard cases, one of the two variants is top for the beginning). 
    On holidays or on weekends should be times even smartphone-free days in there – you will see: less mobile phone in your free time means more quality time for you and your environment. Important: Best to always inform all close contacts on your limited accessibility – friendliness is worth firstly always and secondly, that calms you too. 
  • Complicated backup: Choose the longest possible and complicated unlock code – then the noise is at least not so easily available.
  • Mute: At work you should always mute your phone anyway and it’s best to leave it in your spare time (unless you count on a specific call). It is also advisable to disable push messages.
  • Gray mode: The online portal “Treehugger” advises to switch the smartphone to gray mode. This makes it less attractive and the view on the phone is less fun. 
  • Purify: Do you really need to have all the social media channels as apps on your smartphone? And four different delivery services and online shopping portals? The more triggers we have on the phone, the more risk factors we create ourselves to become addicted. That’s why, like your flat, you should regularly clean up your phone and ban apps that you do not really need from your device. 
  • Apps: Well, that’s how far we are: Meanwhile, there are already apps that monitor our smartphone behavior for us and want to help us to learn how to handle the phone in a healthy way (for example, Hypnobeep, Menthal, Checky). Apple has even integrated features directly into the latest version of its operating system to help consumers control their smartphone habits.

Granted, if you think about it, our world is already a bit strange: As people develop devices (and not to mention, of course, drinks or sweets), which make our life at first glance more pleasant. But on closer inspection, it turns out that these things make our life very difficult and even make us sick. But thankfully, we can all look closer – and with a little self-control, we certainly keep our smartphone behavior under control.

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