So many partnerships have most in the course of their lives

Get together with the childhood sweetheart and remain faithful for a lifetime – beautiful idea, but also realistic? An ElitePartner survey has clarified it!

Well, how many times have you tried it? How many people did you think she could be the one to stay with you until the end of your life?

Anyway, the theory of some couples therapists says we have to fall in love at least twice before we are able to love in the long term and share our lives with someone (though this theory does not necessarily rule out falling in love with the same person several times!).

But does this theory also coincide with practice ? Or does the romantic story of sandbox love, which turns out to be the only true one and become a lifelong relationship, happen in reality perhaps more often than you think? Or do many even come up with even more partnerships than three, now that we all live longer and personal freedom and individuality are written bigger and bigger? ElitePartnerhas thankfully accepted the clarification of these questions!

5,700 adults interviewed

In an online survey, the dating and dating portal has asked Internet users to indicate how many relationships they have already had in their previous history – including the current one . A total of 5,691 have answered and behold! The absolute majority confirmed the theory: 53 percent of respondents had previously between two and four relationships. The average number calculated by ElitePartner was 3.4 partnerships.

Most people who did not agree with the majority did so narrowly in this study: 16 percent had a relationship first, and 15 percent said they had already had five or six partnerships . Of extreme partner hopping, so 15 relationships or more, reported with only two percent, the least of the respondents.

Is the life-long partnership dying?

What the ElitePartner study also uncovered: The one lifelong partnership seems to be rarer . At least, in the age group of 60- to 69-year-olds, 22 percent said they only looked back on one relationship – a significantly higher value compared to the average (16 percent) that this group of respondents themselves is likely to have significantly increased.

But does that mean that two to four relationships are the golden path because most of them go? Or just the one, although that does not create so many today? Of course not! Whether we need one, two, three or 18 attempts to settle on someone does not matter – as long as we learn from our experiences and are happy with ourselves!

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