Squirten: From taboo topic to mega-sex trend

Squiring is just THE hype among sex trends and is considered the ultimate liberation of female pleasure. What is it? Let us clarify!

As it always is: What we should be ashamed of yesterday, that’s the hottest shit today . Anyone who used to have a big butt has hidden it or renounced Schoki to shrink it. Who has a big butt today, may be lucky – while many others torture with butt-tutorials and dietary changes …

Something similar or even more extreme with squiring. If it was ever spoken – let’s say before the turn of the millennium – then rather embarrassed with a touch of “Is this normal?” and “Do not men find this disgusting?”. In the meantime, however, there are squirting seminars in every major city, because (among other things according to the coaching coaches) squirts is supposed to be the ultimate sex experience for women , which also turns most men on animals (the latter may be right, if you look looked at relevant porn sites …). So it’s high time to take a closer look at this trend / taboo!

Squirten: What is it?

The term squirter comes from the English word “squirt” and means something like “squirt, squirt”. As far as we know, women squirrel during sex when their G-spot or their G-zone is stimulated – which is known in most people associated with a particularly intense pleasure experience . Due to the strong excitement in the woman in addition to the usual suspects called the Skene glands active, sometimes referred to as the female prostate. They produce an aqueous, slightly milky secretion whose exact composition is not yet known. Well, and this secret must then stop out. Mostly it squirts during orgasm , with the fluid through the urethra makes its way out. Theoretically (and occasionally also practically) Squirten and climax can happen however time-delayed – similarly as with the man of the ejaculation independently of the orgasm can take place.

So Squirten is a completely natural process that can cause sex in women. So it certainly is not something that belongs in any taboo corner (there really should not be such corners) or for which we should be ashamed.

Sexstellungen, wenn du müde bist

Squirten: exception or rule?

The number of women squirting through sex is statistically difficult to grasp - for obvious reasons - and so the figures given vary between 5 and 54 percent . But the fact is: In order for it to spew on the part of sex, two things must come together that are not very likely.

  • Stimulation of the G-zone and
  • let go at the right moment.

Many women know from their own experience that the former is anything but simple and self-evident (little hint: look for your UFO position , if you are interested in it!).

The thing about letting go is made more difficult in this case by the fact that squiring usually feels like urinating for us. That is why many - out of sheer habit - stop at the decisive moment. Since the skene glands are so close to the bladder and the secretion drains through the urethra just like urine, our brain can hardly distinguish the two processes from each other.

Taken together, it is more likely that women who squirter, without putting it on it, are probably in the minority . However, it also shows what is crucial in learning Squirten : A very good knowledge of your own body and the ability to relax and let go consciously .

Squirten - a must for every sex bucket list?

The only question is: Do you really have to learn squiring if you do not happen to do it anyway? Is the hype really justified? Clear answer: No ! No one has to do anything in his life, let alone sex. Squiring is - as is clear from numerous testimonials and from the physical contexts - undoubtedly connected with very intense desire. And for some (or even many) who have experienced it, it may be an experience they do not want to miss. But who is satisfied with his sex life, who feels comfortable and enjoyment of intercourse, should not put pressure or unsettle by any hype. After all, squirting is not THE prerequisite for enjoying sex.

On the other hand, being familiar with one's own body and being able to relax purposefully can be helpful in many situations, not just squiring or sex. In this respect, such a squirting seminar could be quite an enrichment - as long as you do it for yourself.

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