Stashing: beware of this nasty dating trend!

You let him into your life – but he hides you? Then your sweetheart might be stashing. In the video you see what you have to pay special attention!

You let him into your life – and he does not!

You’ve been with your sweetheart for a while? Sometimes you go out with your friends, and he has been sitting over strawberry cake with your parents at the table and talked well with them? Wonderful!

Or? Something is not true anyway. His life remains his secret, you have never met his friends and you never are there when he moves with them around the houses. Sure, we understand that the boys want to be with each other. That’s what we sometimes want to be with our friends and girlfriends. But why is he going to get angry if you post a photo of both of you on Facebook or Instagram?

At some point it feels weird not to be able to participate in his life. Because the whole thing remains one-sided, is not give and take. You have willingly let him into your life – and he does not.

Does he not find me presentable?

All this is scratching the self-esteem: Does not he find me presentable? Does he just want me because he’s having fun in bed with me? Does he have other women? Quickly you blame yourself for “hiding” from friends and family and growing your self-doubt.

But it’s probably not your fault. What your friend does to you is called stashing. To stash means to hide, and that’s what he does to you.

These are the reasons for stashing

Why? The most likely reason: He does not give your relationship a future. So it makes no sense for him to integrate you into his life.

But beware: Since you can never know what the other really thinks, you should definitely address him and demand an honest answer. After all, it could also be that he prefers to be alone with you, because then you are undisturbed. Or that he is afraid that you will reject his friends, or even have no desire to meet them at all.

As always in relationships, the motto is: Speak to each other! And if he just comes around the corner with a few threadbare arguments, take your consequences.

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