Stay happy: These tips work

March 20 is the day of happiness. Everything is going on for you right now? YES, congratulations! Then it is time to watch that it will continue for as long as possible. Do not worry, we’ll get it!

To be fully and completely happy – a beautiful idea and maybe even the ultimate goal of life! On the other hand, what do we actually have big of it? Can we ever capture our happiness? Or is it not natural for us, as humans, to want more and more and never to be completely satisfied? Is not that even the prerequisite for us to keep going and making every effort? No and yes!

It is true that our life can never be a permanent state of happiness. For example, because we get used to everything that is permanent and therefore would no longer perceive our satisfaction as such at some point. In addition, the arrival mistake of many people causes them, when they have reached a destination, suddenly to feel empty and to look for a new one. And a third aspect will surely know some who have experienced unbelievable luck: Suddenly announces this fear that it will be taken again …

Nevertheless, there are things we can do to maintain a basic sense of happiness once we find it! After all, happiness is a decision that we have to meet again every day anyway. These tips can help.

Stay happy: 5 tips

1. establish happiness routine

You can, for example …

  • thinking about three things every day that you are grateful for.
  • Remember something nice or special about you.
  • Focus on pleasant prospects – things to look forward to.

Whatever appeals to your sense of satisfaction, you should be active and active every day. It only costs a moment, but that very moment can make the difference between “My life is shitty and exhausting” and “Although my life is sometimes hard, but the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received”. Seriously, find your most effective exercise in fortune and do it every day, whether you need it or not.

2. “No!” to say misfortune-bringer

The girlfriend, who always complains about everything, the influencer, whom you secretly envy that she travels around the world, or the stupid stomach-legs-butt-course, which makes you even after months just not fun. Get rid of influences that pull you down!

Especially in a phase in which you are happy, you realize very well, what can beat you on the mood – and at the latest, if you do not need it, guaranteed also does. In your Happiness phase, you have the strength and energy to free yourself from negative baggage. So get rid of the stupid sports course (and try it instead with yoga, dancing or jogging ?!), escape the influencer or speak plain text with your girlfriend. Now is the time!

3. “abstracting” feelings of happiness

When we feel really happy, that often has a special cause: fresh love, promise for the dream job, marriage proposal, vacation. These are huge lucky charms, which we are happy to be happy about. But we should make sure that we do not hang our positive feelings on this specific thing alone. Huh? So.

For example, if we are in love , it is nice that we have found our dream partner, with whom we are guaranteed to spend the rest of our lives together. But is not it nice that we can feel that way? Even if it does not work with this concrete person against expectations: The beautiful feeling, the butterflies in the stomach , all that is in us and can be awakened by someone else again! Likewise, it’s thanks to us and our skills that we got the job. If we ever lose him, we can do it again! The opportunity to be happy and to feel contentment can not be taken from us and it does not depend on external circumstances . Is not that just a reason to feel good and happy?

4. Bring out small moments of happiness

A generally happy phase in life is the opportunity to enjoy all the little things we always have. The luxury of being able to choose (or change) between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, the possibility of styling our hair or reinventing us from the outfit standpoint. An apartment that we have set up so that we feel comfortable in it. And of course, air that we can breathe and thereby experience everything else.

Once we’ve learned to fill those little things, the supposedly obvious things in life, with positive emotions (and in good fortune, you usually get that pretty well), we’ll be happy to rejoice in the future as well. And we should, because in fact just the matter of course and little lucky charms are a reason, always and everywhere to be happy.

5. Keep expectations in check

Appreciate what you have and look forward to it – but do not expect that more will come or it will continue! Not that you are afraid or worried now. But at some point you’ll be unlucky again, that’s life. But if you are prepared for it and instead of being surprised by it, prepare strategies for this unlucky phase, which can then give you strength (writing down beautiful memories of happy moments, establishing a routine of happiness, stupid stomach-legs). Swapping buttocks for a nice hobby, abstracting feelings of happiness, celebrating little things …) is guaranteed to be only half as bad – because you can stay happy at heart.

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