Stealthing – beware of this dangerous “sex trend”!

Many women have already had a one-night stand in their lives. If you catch a bad guy, you could become a victim of stealthing. In the video, you can see exactly what’s behind it.

Few of us are so faithful that they virginly marry. And hey, against One-Nights-Stands is absolutely no objection. However, a new “sex trend” called “stealthing” now worries many women who sometimes have fun with strange men. This is not a new sex practice that you should definitely try (that’s why we deliberately put the word “sex trend” in quotes), but simply abuse.

Stealthing – what is behind it?
Normally, before the first sex with a man, one talks briefly about contraception (and, of course, one should always use a condom on a one-night stand). If he does “stealthing,” he also agrees to use a condom first and brushes one over. But during sexual intercourse, he undresses unnoticed – for example, in a change of position. The fact that he or his partner could become infected with a sexually transmitted disease is completely shortsighted – as well as the fact that the woman could possibly become pregnant.

Why do men do that?
First, because the men want to come in the woman, on the other hand, simply because they love the kick of the forbidden. Power can also be a motive – unfortunately, there are some disgusting reasons why men do “stealthing”.

But no matter what motivation behind it: stealing the condom secretly is abusive, disrespectful and degrading. The Perverse: In forums, men even give each other tips on how to get rid of the condom unnoticed. Do you also slowly hurt the neck from the stunned shaking of the head?

Is stealthing illegal?
Legally, it is not so easy to prosecute the perpetrators. Because even if lawyers agree that this is an abuse (some even speak of rape, because by mutual agreement was only the sex WITH condom), one can not always prove a premeditated man. Who can prove that the condom did not slip accidentally? In Switzerland, however, a man was sentenced to one-year probation.

Nevertheless, who was a victim of “stealthing” should be silent in any case. Dare to go to the police! After all, it is OUR body and we have a right to decide for ourselves what happens to it! Apart from that, it is also important to set a mark against stealthing and make it clear to the men: we will not let that happen to us!

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